Tosha red_001
Here I am on the hypergrid, talking to my dear friend, award winning artist Tosha Tyran. Why is she red? Because I select my friends carefully, and after this one decided it would be oodles of fun to construct an obscure and unrealized architectural design from the  Soviet Union’s glory days, slogging away day and night at the  Russian language schematics until somewhere between  weeks of wrangling giant prims and programming Communist greeter bots,  dyeing her avatar red and slapping a hammer and sickle on her back just made all kinds of sense. Hey, if you’re so damned normal,  why do you read this blog? At any rate, her skin making skills led to a  conversation about my own lack of thereof, and the fact that every stitch I was wearing, from my hat to my cowboy boots, were also made by her.

Kitely on hypergrid_005
Soooo -having the technical skill set of a lower primate the other lemurs refer to as “drooling Bob”,  the above photo begs the question: how did I get all Tosha’ stuff,  onto OpenSim’s largest closed commercial world?

Hello my dearest dears!! How marvelous! Here we all are again, ready for another whirlwind adventure on Opensim, the software platform that hosts hundreds of independant grids, many of whom choose to be connected by an amped up teleportation system called the hypergrid, which allows you to endlessly explore these brave new worlds,  having amazing experiences,making new friends from all over the planet and accumulating so much free content that you must continually demonstrate the superiority of the human mind over the machine , as your laptop colludes with your telephone and tablet to distract you in a desperate attempt to salvage it’s bursting hard drive from the manic frenzy of  your unbridled- hang on, I have a new email- heavens to Betsy!! The Pulitzer, Booker and Goncourt commitees have just created a joint Blogger Award, and I am the first recipient!! This means I might have to miss that inworld- What’s this?? The Nobel Committe  sent me yet another SMS! They are going ahead with the Blogging Prize, and want to fly me to Sweden immediatly!! Well,  now I’ll  definitely have to postpone  that inworld – OMG!!! LEONARD NIMOY IS TWEETING ME AGAIN!! HIS DIVORCE IS FINALIZED AND HE REFUSES APPEAR IN THE NEXT STAR TREK MOVIE UNLESS I JOIN HIM IN THE BAHAMAS FOR A  SCRIPT WRITING HONEYMOON!!! HALLELUJA!!! I NEVER WANNA LEAVE RL!!!

If you do not understand how to get onto OpenSim, and believe me, you are not alone please see my ” How To Get On OpenSim In Six Ridiculously Easy Steps” page at the top of this blog, and don’t forget my Newbie Glossary, also at the top! Come on; it’s easy! Come spread your wings in the free metaverse!!

For today’s adventure, we will be staying on what is commonly referred to as the Hypergrid, which consists of worlds that are connected via an opensource teleportation system. Not all OpenSim based worlds choose to be connected, commercial grids most commonly, who  have currencies, and merchants who want the ability to control thier environment, and it’s content. Conversations between the free wheeling dot org  Hypergrid, and it’s more structured  cousins can get a bit tense, with what constitutes content “theft” and “distribution” being the source of bruised feelings to full blown feuds.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. ” If we are staying on the hypergrid, then why did you start this post with a reference to Kitely, which is a closed grid? Too busy garnering prestigious awards and canoodling with global icons to get your facts straight, eh?”

Well smarty pants,  Leonard and I aren’t canoodling, we are deeply in love. And secondly, there has been a huge freaking development in the free metaverse that has are obviously passed you by- which is why some of us will be getting honorary  doctorates from over 200 major universities at the end of this month, after  which Bill, George,Walter, Nichelle, Patrick, Jonathen, Will, Brent, Marina, Gates, Rene, Micheal, Levar, Avery,  Alexander, Armin,Nana,Tim, Ethan, Jeri, Terry, Kate,  the Roberts, Roxanne, Dwight, Jolene, Linda, Scott, Dominic, Conner, Chris, Zachary, Simon, Zoe, Carl, John, Anton, Gene Roddenberry Jr., the Q continuum, and the three cats who played Spot will be winging thier way to  Nassau for certain nuptual rites, while others will be home alone, watching the internet coverage  of the UN ‘s  global celebration “ day” – and that development is:

Kitely on hypergrid_004

Kitely, the largest commercial grid using OpenSim software, has joined the Hypergrid community!! Welcome Kitleans!!!

“Which means what exactly?” Good question!!

Hypergrid Logo




Well, for one thing, Kitely has created this snazzy open source Hypergrid Logo! In a burst of unmitigated  corporate cuteness, the  CEOs actually spent  time trying to find out what our logo was for thier user interface, as though we had a specific common identity beyond sheer nerdaciousness! Eventually, they correctly interpreted the blank stares and giggles, and so ran a logo contest on Kitely. I am already starting to see this bad boy all around the hypergrid !

For another thing, it means that you no longer have to have any kind of Kitely account  at all to go there. If you have an avatar on any hypergrid enabled world you can just jump the heck over  and have a look around! My  dear friend MineThere Always,  who leans toward multicolored avatars and bubbles, has a blog post with some photos of great Kitely destinations, complete with their shiny new hypergrid addresses!!

Now, I know this is heresy, but at the best of times, plugging a hypergrid address into your world map search engine and teleporting is an iffy proposition. Remember, you are on the hypergrid, where nobody is actually in charge, and everyone is messing with the software. For me, the safest bet has always been…

Sanctuary wave w inter_001


The most excellent Shaun Emerald’s   Sanctuary Eld, Gateway to the Metaverse! This hypergrid address-

Sanctuary wave_003

The Kitely gate is down here, in the “main” grids section. And it will take you to…

Kitely on hypergrid_002
The Kitely Welcome Center! A great jumping off place for exploring this freaking behemouth of a grid!!

Kitely pavilion_001

This region is a  community meeting place…

Kitely on hypergrid_003

…as well as having an introduction to the grid’s many top notch  commercial creators.

Kitely on hypergrid_006
And then there is the showcase hall, which gives you a selection of destinations! Just click on the sign….

Kitely premium teleport_001

..and we now need to discuss the word “Premium”. Can you see it on the World Board chat? It refers to a level of Kitely Grid  paying membership. There are various premuim packages, for so and so many amount of regions, etc, but what they all have in common, is that they allow that member to travel to any world on Kitely that is  open to visitors. If you are a non registered hypergrid traveller, or a registered user with a free  membership, you may only travel to regions(Kitely calls them worlds) where the owner is paying Kitely flat rate to make that region public. This isn’t really a problem- there are tons of them!! Here is the link to  Kitely’s Explore Worlds Listings. See what I mean?You will notice at the bottom of the page, it tells you that some worlds are not shown because you do not have a premium account.

Also remember,  that with the exception of this Welcome Center, Kitely regions are offline until someone wants to go there. This saves alot of money, which Kitely passes on to their customers. When you do click a  non premium board, or plug a name into the world map, a box will appear, saying that so and so region is offline and will take a few minutes to start. In my experience it takes between 30 seconds and two minutes…

queercitizens again_008
…which is normally worth the wait.

I am actually rather lazy when I go to Kitely. All I do is go back to the Devokan Trust regions, an unbelievably talented group of Myst devotees who were scattered to the four corners of the metaverse when thier beloved online world closed down a few years back.

queercitizens again_005
Paislee Myrtle, Dot Macchi, Danko Whitfield, Mat Mahagony, Quinquifid Oddenfen, and Kat Lemieux are tireless storytellers, which for them means eternally building…

shaun kitely stash_020
… and improving….

queercitizens again_003

… and rethinking…

queercitizens again_012

… and expanding…

Kitely on hypergrid_008

…and just tweakin’  the heck out of thier breathtaking  regions, which have been called some of the finest builds in virtuality.

Now I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, as etherially beautiful, and intelligently concieved as the Trust builds are, my favorite doesn’t so much take your breath away…

Kitely pavilion_004

…as charm your socks off.

Kitely pavilion_003


Welcome to Ruby O Degee’s Midtown Art Museum. Every telepad in this room will take you to one of Ruby’s beautifully convaluted, high steampunk, elaborately intertwined, sprawling, interactive 3D stories of time travelling ladies guilds, carbon dating, tea,  pottery, and of course, wormholes.

Kitely pavilion_005

I could not believe how much Ruby had added since the last time I was here; if the rest of the Trust is inspired, this girl is  freaking possessed. Instead of teleporting, I thought it would be fun to take a look around on the walkabout. So I went downstairs…


Oh wow!! Free bikes and maps!!!

And now we need to talk about the word, “exportable”. If you look up in the right corner of the picture, you can see that when I tried to take a copy of the bike, it told me I could not, because the “primitive” is not “exportable”.

Exportability is a new concept, and Kitely are the ones that brainstormed it. It allows the creator to decide and set whether or not they want an item taken off of Kitely Grid. Many Kitely creators such as Ruby, are starting to put products on the Kitely Market , yet another new concept- an online market that sells products to users of ALL virtual worlds. Like an for the metaverse. For creators who are trying to earn a living from thier creations, exportability will hopefully stop thier stock from being whisked out into the black and copied into fiscal oblivion. Sooo, if you want to copy Ruby’s bike, you have to come back in your Kitely avatar. Then the non exportable item will never go into your suitcase folder, which is how you take items from one grid to another for rezzing. Very clever indeed Kitely developers!!!

And now, we are going to leave ginormous Kitely, and greet another newcomer to the hypergrid, where bigger is still not neccessarily better.

Queer Citizen_013
Queer Citizens Grid is just getting started, and they are definitly worth watching!

Sanctuary wave_001
Here is the Sanctuary gate that will take you to…

queercitizens again_001
This signpost! Just click and teleport to…

Queer Citizen_008


Queer Citizen_002 Queer Citizen_006 Queer Citizen_009 Queer Citizen_011
Although Wonderland is a pretty neat little build, it is actually a part of Leighton Marjoram/ Chatfield’s  work as a student at the University of Western England, where he is getting an MA in, get this; Education in Virtual Worlds.  Yes, that is a real thing. And amazingly, this is not the most interesting thing about him.

Leighton is a certified therapist, (not a masseuse, the shrinky ones) and sees tremendous potential in virtual worlds for therapy.

” I have been a real world therapist for five years and am an accredited and registered member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP – Virtual world practice is not for every practitioner and some see it as an obstacle for a variety of reasons. I must be strange because I see it as a huge potential site for new and innovative ways for therapists to work with people. Therapy can be very costly and this can exclude many people from accessing it. Seeing what opensim could do and be and the staggering difference in price between opensim and SL land. Opensim won out as the costs associated with inworld practice would have to be paid by my clients.
The main problem I’m working on is the need for encryption and embedding encrypted voice that triggers in the viewer like vivox. Vivox is not encrypted so a new third party service is needed. This requires a service like Skype to be open as well as the virtual world and this may limit the immersive quality. Services are probably about 6-9months away so I will focus on getting the grid open.

Wowsa!  I sure didn’t see THAT coming! And Leighton is still not finished!  In creating this very unique grid, he is also trying to create a safe haven for LGBT&Q (Lesbian Gay Bisexual Trannsexual and Questioning) hypergrid travellers. I asked him why he found the hypergrid to be so unsafe.

“No more than society as a whole, it’s not about the dangerous metaverse more about LGBT&Q having a space free from narrow minds and assumptions.

As a gay person I find very little representational space that speaks to my identity. When your heterosexual your culture surrounds you and affirms you. It’s very different from an LGBT&Q perspective. I will post a link to a definition of the type of space I’m hoping to create with queer citizen grid. ”

Here’s the link

220px-Straightally jpeg
And here is another symbol I would like to see spreading across the metaverse.  An inverted pink triangle surrounded by a green circle, as used to symbolize alliance with gay rights and space free from homophobia.



“In the comments of google plus and overheard conversations on my travels across the hypergrid the presence of lgbtq is not acknowledged. As words like poof, homo and I hate gender benders although trivial and humorous to a not out gay traveller it makes social spaces toxic.

I hope I have explained what I meant. There will be events, exhibitions by creators and activitists, links with organisations that want to have a virtual world presence, places to live and educational and practice spaces. ”

I think Queer Citizens Grid, who are of course overhauling the website and blog as I publish, is going to bring a LOT to hypergrid culture! Leighton is very active on G+, where he has already started a Hypergrid Destinations community! He is very unpretentious and helpful which is I suppose why his grand vision kinda knocked me for a loop! A sensation I always very much enjoy; so thanks for expanding my horizons Leighton! Great to have you out here, pioneering big sky country!

And what have I personally been up to since I got back from my holidays? Well ,I made some hard decisions. This is actually a shocking thing to publish, but it has to be done. As some of you may know about a year ago, I opened the first Arcadia Asylum(seminal metaverse founder artist and free culture pioneer) Museum on the Hypergrid. My one region museum on Craft Grid, eventually became two, and when they were filled to bursting, I got a little library on Metropolis, in the artist colony Independently Spoken. But … I just can’t do it anymore. As of May 2014, I no longer have a 2 region museum, and a library…

New sanctuary regions for post_001


new sanctuary blog photos again_001


new sanctuary blog photos again_002


new sanctuary blog photos again_003


new sanctuary blog photos again_004


new sanctuary blog photos again_005



This is what I think happened.


About March, 2014 Shaun Emerald  announced that he was looking for residents for Sanctuary Grid, which up until then had been him and the hypergates. He wanted to start with one or two people, and he said he would GIVE them regions, so he could troubleshoot his fancy  schmancy new equipment and generally improve his understanding of opensim software. A lot of people, who obviously didn’t own museums so maxed out that the grid’s hardware had independently downloaded  office software and was filing a writ; hemmed and hawed, while I snapped up nine regions. Sure, it was gonna be  hard work, but explaining to Craft’s owners why  Interpol had formed a human shield around the servers would be harder.  I introduced my friend Tosha to Shaun, and he gave her some regions as well! We were officially helper monkey pioneers!!



When I came back from my holidays, Tosha was building Tatlin’s Tower on her region, Fire. It is big and wild even by her standards. There is a bar, a Japanese garden, a moonwalk-oh just go take a look!

shaun kitely stash_009
On Sanctuary Eld, the main gate hub, Shaun had been shopping on the Kitely Market! Her name is Nessie, and you have to look for her very carefully, as she never swims the same pattern twice!

shaun kitely stash_002

I eventually found her:))))

And he got vicious about hunting down some kind of transporter glitch, which resulted in this….

shaun kitely stash_013

…experimental gate, standing apart from the rest.

shaun kitely stash_012
As you can see there is a little warning, ” Hold on to your hats! It’ll be over in a minute!!” which was Tosha’s idea when she tried it. She told Shaun someone would throw thier computer out the window if he didn’t give some kinds of heads up. Good helper monkey. Shaun doesn’t want me to say too much and spoil it. But I will say, when your eyeballs have stopped juddering, try to work out where you have been.

And now my dearest dears, I must love you and leave you! You are more than welcome to come visit the three of us, just come over to the main Sanctuary gate hub and type Fire, or The Spirit of Arcadia  into the world map( in my case regions 1-9 will appear.Pick anyone) and hit teleport! Neither of our builds are finished, and mine  being out and out” lost that argument with the tornado, did ya?”; but I am working my butt off, and there is already lots of stuff you probably won’t find anywhere else. My Craft regions are  there to stay, with the WMAEM minding the store and becoming a virtual radio mogul with his own page Working Radio Streams, on Leighton’s G+ Hypergrid Destinations community! I plan to move the Privateer Space exhibit to Sanctuary, and possibly Cogtown, then script the  living crap out of Slum City.  I have learned a lot as a curator this past year, and am brimming with plans; like the one where I sob for 72 hours straight on skype, and the WMAEM  miraculously develops the ability makes the subway  and the hobo train work! Leonard says it is brilliant! Many thanks to Shaun Emerald, Tosha Tyran, The World’s Most Amazing Estate Manager, Ruby, Dot, Paislee, Danko and the whole Devokan Trust posse , Leighton, Minethere Always for the beautiful free terrains and of course, all of YOU, for joining me in my small adventures! Your company means the world to me! The sweetest of dreams and the brightest of days to all of my beloved readers! Until next time, Adieu!

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vacation picture

Hello my dearest dears!! I will be away for a couple of weeks, visiting , my family in the USA! I will be back and blogging in May!!! Until then, the sweetest of dreams, the brightest of days, and the best sprintime ever, to all of my beloved readers!!

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3rd rock welcome_017
There I was, innocently researching  a post about a benefit concert, when the normally laid back 3rd Rock Grid suddenly morphed into the flash point of a temporal cold war where  I was ducking phaser fire and demonstrating my right hook to the smallest  Suliban infiltator I could find. What a moment to forget my fist names!

It had been a shitty  couple of weeks.  The countdown to my annual Easter visit to my family in the USA was on, not only was there a to do list the size of a Borg cube, I had somehow been sucked into making  huge Pinatas for a school fair with two other women. The one who actually knew how to do the job was promptly felled by  the plague, while the other volunteered her dining room table and  valiantly waded with me into the flour paste swamp until her guinea pig succumbed to a life threatening intestinal blockage and had to be rushed to the vet, leaving me in splendid isolation with the soggy leviathen and a genuinely hellish cleanup. At which point her dog decided too much was happening that wasn’t about him, and crapped on the shag carpet. Later that night, the guinea pig  did the Big Log Off. We were really happy when a few days later we managed to start the second Pinata and no one collapsed  or died, albiet we were now seriously behind schedule. Do you think the  school would postpone it’s  fair on the grounds a rodent needed her stomach pumped?

Hello my dearest dears! How marvelous, here we all are, ready for another whirlwind adventure on OpenSim, the software platform that hosts hundreds of independent grids, many of whom choose to be connected by an amped up teleportation system called the hypergrid; which allows you to to explore these brave new worlds, making friends from all over the planet, having fantastic new experiences, and collecting so much free content that it will set your head spinning. In a nice winning the lottery sort of way, not the kind where you are forced to remain completely immobile for hours on a kitchen counter, perched over a doggie bed that is bigger than your car, waiting for the right moment to hurl yourself on a sombulent pug, and paper mache his ass shut.

If you do not know how to get on OpenSim, and believe me you are not alone, please see my How To Get On OpenSim in Six Ridiculously Easy Steps page, located at the top of this blog. And don’t forget my Newbie Glossary, also at the top!

For today’s adventure we will be on the hypergrid, meaning a grid which is connected to other grids, and a closed grid that is not connected to anyone else. Why?

60E0 robstock ROBstock 2014 is why!!!An intergrid music festival and fundraiser that will start this Friday on the hypergrids own rockin- in- the- free -world Metropolis Grid,  and my all time favorite off the hypergrid world E-V-E-R, where a community that is second to none proves again and again that bigger has f**k all to do with better, ladies and gentlemen, please give it up for 3rd Rock Grid!!   Oh and a commercial grid, a biggish one…I forget their name. Second something or other. Anyway, Robstock is a blast- there are screens on the stages showing all the the live performances simutaneously,  there is intergrid chat, a HUGE freaking array of metaverse talent, including my friends Vanish Seraith, Sands, Avatar, Firecaster, whatever the hell he is calling himself this week, and the multi talented Word Bender and dragon whisperer , Oshi Shikigami !! If you are new to OpenSim, this  festival is a great way to begin exploring!!!  Let’s start OFF the hypergrid!


3rd rock welcome_001

This is 3rd Rock’s terrific new Welcome area; if you land in the old one, called Our Town, your first time in, I would type Welcome into the world map search engine and just teleport over.  Welcome loads easily and has everything you need to get started right at your fingertips! You will land on this platform, which has posters of all the latest events on this VERY active grid,(you can get a ROBstock landmark here) an info Kiosk with about 30 groups you can join (in the unlikely event somebody doesn’t ask you if you need anything in your first 10 minutes, join the 3rd Rock Community  Group and say hi! 3Rd rockers are amazingly friendly, just put any querys out there and you will get answers friendship offers etc. ) and  these walkways. One leads to a public sandbox, with all kinds of cool tutorials and building freebies, another to the free custom avatars Linda Kellie created just for this grid, and there is this one pictured here that lead to my two major interests on any grid- Freebies and Destinations! The  Freebies are a midsized shop with additional clothes, shoes etc. from Linda and various residnts. There is a teleporter to the Linda Kellie Mall               ( whispers:just type Linda into the world map search engine. All nine Linda Kelly regions are up and running. Copy copy copy!)

3rd rock welcome_002

The Destination Trail is a long row of billboards picturing 3rd Rock’s impressive showcase regions. Kooky little Sunny Isles is the oh so helpful Sunny Tommorrow’s place, featuring a great little freebie center where you can pick up exciting stuff like working mountain bikes and roller blades! Why is that so exciting?

3rd rock welcome_004
Because of this!


sunny and bike_005
I have said it before, and I am saying it again! 3rd Rock Grid has some of the most spectacular mountain regions you will find in virtuality.

sunny and bike_010
Till Easterwood’s celestially named Triton,Mimas, Solstice, and Aphelion regions, are a  fictional Pacific Northwest mountain chain, and getting out your bike and exploring the really intricate  ecosytem and  winding trails…

sunny and bike_009
…is something a person can do for hours. Which brings me to my next point. It is something 3rd rock does extremely well,and as far as I know, is unique in the free metaverse..


Iron bridge_025
This is chirpy free housing region Maude. If you can’t find a vacant lot here, try Harold next door! But my point in showing you this picture is the mountain in the background- do you see the pathways winding up it?


3rd Rock has a huge 50 region community core, and all of it is connected by a system of pathways.

3rd rock last day_001
You can strap on those roller blades…

sunny and bike_003

…or get on that bike and literally  ride for days in 3rd Rocks varied landscape. There are beaches and mountains, snowy forests, and don’t forget the many groups that have built regions onto the main core, and have thier own pathways looped in! Friendly grid owner Lazuli Pooraka has said they are thinking of making geographical sections, sci fi, steampunk etc., and they aredefinitly going to add a second circle of paths on the core!! If you see any malls, they will be low key and in excellent taste. Mostly you will just see cool builds, beautiful country and the occasional bird of prey. LLAP guys. No abandoned land,advertisements, huge ugly malls or casinos. 3rd Rock isn’t so much a commercial grid as a grid with a currency(geodes), which I have only ever seen used at charity benefits. No one has ever tried to sell me anything, and the many invitations to DJ evenings,concerts, rock and roll trivia games and Star Trek dances, are all free of charge. The grid owner does not even know where the shopping IS.

Iron bridge_023
But Sunny does! The wares in this pretty public mall  on region Event Horizon are not freebies, but the shops are!  Like the free housing in Harold and Maude, just click the rental box and follow the instuctions!

3rd rock welcome_saturday iron bridge_001
Back on the Welcome platform, there are landmarks to builds that might not be in the showcase.

Iron bridge_021
The Music Village, on region Bazaar, has a stage, an outdoor cinema complete with blankets and pillows on the ground, and  rent free cabins for the many musical artists who perform in 3rd Rock. Most have bios and schedules up, one guy had a fan club! What a fantastic concept!

Iron bridge_001

Ironbridge is a historical interactive game build. You can get free period avatars and  a game HUD…

Iron bridge_005

…or you can just wander around enjoying the authentic  English scenery and architecture.

3rd rock welcome_009

The Wax Museum was a very cool surprise, instead of a somewhat barfy tribute to the rich and famous, Saraleah Sands  salutes the good  folks  of 3RD Rock!

3rd rock welcome_018

This turned out to be a wax hommage to the 3RD Rock Trekkie community, which was probably for the best; Gertrude and Alice hadn’t seen any real action since the Reagen administration.


The delightfully freaky Avatar Bio Engineering and Cryogenics Lab on region Treble has an NPC tour and a giant head floating in the lobby. It wasn’t listed anywhere, Laz told me about it! 3rd Rock is much more than a showcase :)!!



And this last beauty IS a showcase region, another tip from Laz, region Samuri.


Take your time wandering around the  village and gardens, you won’t want to miss a single exquisite detail!

ROBstock 2014 opens with a firework show at 9pm PST on festival founder  3rd Rock Grid, so you have plenty of time to open a free account and put together an avatar. Firestorm users please take note:
If you are using Firestorm even the new Opensim version PLEASE make sure voice is off in the preferences or it will cause severe problems in 3RG and has the potential to crash the sim we are using as the stage .Go to Preferences > Sound & Media setting  >Voice settings >and untick  enable voice box.”

The expansion of ROB(it’s for Roll Over Beethoven BTW)stock from 3rd Rock Grid and Second, oh nuts what is it again-Limbo?  to the big skies of the hypergrid was a very ambitious  move. And although only Metropolis got their toes wet this year, there are posters up all over the hypergrid, and EVERYONE is talking about it. Performances begin at 10pm. PST on all three grids, in Metropolis on the welcome region which is  called  um, *Metropolis*. Hell, even I can remember that.


If you want to have a quick look  around Metropolis,here are a couple of tips: try typing  the word odd into your world map search engine. Then teleport to Odd’s Playground.

Oddje O’Tooles famous playground is one of THE go to places on the hypergrid for free working scripts and gadgets. The build itself is  in excellent high steampunk/gothic, with freebies and interesting landmarks on and off the grid tucked all over the place.

Can you see me strollin on the gas dwarf? I just love weird science moments.Anyway, Oddy said to make sure I told everyone the playground isn’t finished, so I have. There are downloads and all kinds of info about her many projects on her website walking a virtual path between virtual worlds.

If Oddy put you in the mood for three letter surprises, try this travel tip on for size. Type CAB into your world map search engine and teleport!


Zoom out, and you will see the floating city of Gaia.

Zoom back in and you are here, in the Indie Author Extraordinaire Crystal Brewton’s newest roleplaying project!!

odd_008 odd_009

You will not believe the scale of this thing! Read the plot and character outlines for some of the exciting background; Crystal is a professional writer and it really shows!!Visitors are welcome, and if you are interested in joining, Crystal is always looking for articulate players!

I seem to have lost the picture I took, but my  good friend, Texas whirlwind Minethere Always, region Formyfriends is a wonderful Metropolis resource, with lots of gates to different regions and  other grids, as well as a wonderful collection of free content! And don’t forget, her Region Creations Website has free OpenSim Terrains, and her Metaverse Destinations are a fantastic guide to the hypergrid!!

And as for me? Did I get up to anything non ROBstocky?? Well…

I did a live Podcast with Vanish Sands on his regular The Missing Image show, hehe in fact I was the only guest. It impressed the hell out of my teenage son,and was fun in a terrifying way, like being strapped to the underside of a highly inquisitive rollercoaster. If it isn’t enough for you that I  prattle like a nerdy baboon on my blog and the social networks, you can listen to a recording of the interview  here .

Springtime cogtown_002

Ther was  stuff on my region, just the usual boring experiences of an older woman in her own little world. I took down the winter decorations in Cogtown and was decorating for a collection of Oshi Shikigami’s Springtime poetry, when these bunnies suddenly surrounded me. If it hadn’t been for Gertrude and Alice…..

And then there was the little incident when on the advice of a lawyer friend who said not to expect an answer but that I should write to a certain champion of Creole culture who walked off with the highest literary prize in the French language and has probably been shortlisted for the Nobel  and ask him if I made it absoultely clear that he was in no way affiliated with  me or my  non profit virtual museum  and clearly stated the books title publisher, translators and his name could I pleeeaaase use about a quarter of a chapter’s worth of quotes?


I was floating on clouds for days.


I still giggle when I think about it. And it gave me the confidence to try another project I had been thinking about for a long time. I ripped apart Arcadia’s whimsical tiki Voodoo Mart from the Flotsam build, that stood on the town square facing off the Colonial Bank and the Courthouse( How the HELL is it that I am the only one who talks about her politics?) and used the pieces to create a build in Slum City.


I love it here:) I feel so proud of my culture. I see the saints of the French and Spanish Catholic  colonial pantheon;  afternoons with my Grandmother and her holy cards,  the images we prayed to in the Mission, and these  the wonderful Bruja skulls and fetishes that were sold in little shops around the church. Remember that wonderful phrase from Joni Mitchell ” Through savage progress cuts the jungle line”? These things represent faith and hope in ways our generation cannot imagine. I have started putting notecards in the pictures, with thier syncretic identities in Voudou, Santaria, Hoodoo, etc. and/ or purely historical notecards.

I am also hunting out links to online reading material, as well as  some audio…


…and I am having a crack at votive candles, which I miss. Alot. Hey, you’ll get old one day and miss  weird stuff too!

And now my dearest dears, I must love you and leave you! I would like to Thank Laz and Sunny and Zinnia from 3rd Rock, Oddje Miney and Crystal from metro, always the World’s Most Amazing Estate Manager for being a true friend, my  big healthy son, for taking such an interest in my rantings, and  of course all of you, for joining me in my small adventures! Your company means more too me thanI could possibly put into words. The sweetest of dreams and the brightest of days to all of my beloved readers!! Until next time adieu!!

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Tina story working_005
Here I am, taking a break from the shitstorm real life had handed me this past month, hip deep in an interactive mystery novella, chugging down complimentary margueritas as fast as the Red Light club can mix them. An exquisitly animated hunk named Gino gyrates his glistening pelvis in my direction, but asking a doctor if your child has a normal life expectancy is a special kind of fun that puts you less in a shoving dollar bills down somebody’s crotch kind of mood and more in a ” put on some fucking clothes and get a real job” state of mind.

Sigh. In my last post I told you all that my 16 year old son was being treated for Cardiac Lyme disease, which was causing severe arrythmia. I told you what we had been told, that the syptoms were going away, and that he would probably make a full recovery, without needing a pacemaker.

Well, that all went down the crapper pretty quickly. The arrythmia came BACK worse than ever, and my son began having symptoms that got him an emergency slot on the operating table. So, my boy now has a pacemaker. He will also have a normal life, and a normal life expectancy. And he is very matter of fact about it all; interested in the procedures, asking lots of technical questions, and basically sailing throught the whole thing like he was getting his teeth cleaned.

And although I managed to laugh and joke, and bring Mom food and Star Trek vids to the hospital every day, I was crushed. I had nightmares and crying jags; I continually lost things and missed appointments. My online friends were a huge source of support, and going inworld…

clothing continues!_019
…and whooping it up in the openly nutjob Arabian Nights themed Clothing Competion with  the warm and wondeful Craft community, made me realize, I needed my virtual life to stay sane.

I tried to write, but I was way too shaken up. So I went inworld and began working on the museum; I rebuilt a  sewer tunnel, and was tweaking Chinatown, when I came up with the idea of putting up a representation of  San Francisco’s iconic City Lights Bookstore, which is actually on the RL Chinatown border. The area, a notorious slum in it’s day,  had evolved into an important cultural center, an idea that I thought fit in beautifully with my Slum City.  I must have been homesick, because the research for that idea made me feel lighter than I had since this whole mess with my son’s heart began in September. Then, to my unmitigated delight, I discovered that next to the bookstore was a “poetry street” dedicated to my beloved Jack Kerouac! I HAD TO HAVE THIS!!

Of course, I am no builder. It took me hours to make a crappy facsimile  with a small picture of the bookstore in a corner, which was okay with me because I am realistic about my building abilities. Then the World’s Most Amazing Estate Manager popped in for a look.  We chatted about this and that, I asked him if he could fix a stone for me, thanked him, and went to bed.

When I went inworld the next day, I found that the WMAEM, who IS a builder, had actually looked up what I was doing, shoved aside skyscrapers and shifted cement blocks, to make a cobbled alley for me, just like the one in San Francisco! When I finally stopped crying and IMing mushy thank yous, I worked there in every spare minute for days. And when I was done …

more alley_005

my JK alley_004
…”The air was soft, the stars so fine, the promise of every cobbled alley so great…” I was back in the freaking saddle!

Hello my dearest dears! How marvelous, here we all are ready for another whirlwind adventure on OpenSim, the software platform that hosts hundreds of independent grids, many of whom choose to be connected by an amped up teleportation system called the hypergrid; which allows you to to explore these brave new worlds, making friends from all over the planet, having wild new experiences, and amassing enough free content to make you just dizzy. Don’t worry; I mean the kind of dizzy where you realize that having built  a tribute to Jack Kerouac, you probably have to build a reproduction  of the jazz club Haruki Murakami owned in Kikubunji where he first started writing because any show of favoritism on your part could concievably shift the balance in that epic battle spanning time and space poor brave  Haruki is locked in with the ghost of  Jack Kerouac over YOUR literary affections. Definitly not the kind of dizzy where you could need a pacemaker, on which I am now an expert.

If you simply do not know how to get on OpenSim, ( and believe me, you are not alone) please see my “How To Get On OpenSim in Six Ridiculously Easy Steps” page, located at the top of this blog. And don’t forget my “Newbie Glossary”, also at the top! It’s easy! Come on! Come spread your wings in the free metaverse!!

For todays adventure, we will start on my beloved home world Craft, the Friendly Grid  where the big news is four spectacular new regions belonging to resident Thalion Outlander.

Last part Blue Harbor_004

Just go to Craft and type Forrest into the world map. Forrest 1-3 will also appear; I would recomend starting at Forrest , which has some of the most beautiful woodland you will see in virtuality.

better forrest shot_001
Partially fantasy themed, and strewn with lit paths and rustic cottages, the photo opportunities are endless.

Last part Blue Harbor_009

Thalion has an wonderful eye for detail, such as the lighting change when you enter the moors. Through the mist, you will see the outline of a Tudor town, and perhaps even some spires poking out through the trees. You should eventually stroll toward the town, and head toward the picturesque cemetary.

Last part Blue Harbor_010
Booya! And no, that is NOT a backdrop!!

the clothing competition_007

Here I am with my dear friend, award winning artist Tosha Tyran, and Thalion. Tosha had IMed me, and said, “You need to see this!”

the clothing competition_008

This is not only  a splendid reproduction of Lincoln Cathedral, it is also a continuance of Thalion’s walk on the wild side.

the clothing competition_009
Check it out. A Foucault’s Pendulum. I didn’t get the connection immedietly either. Remember way the hell back in 1989, when the book  of this title signalled a spectacular return to form by Italian novelist and philosopher Umberto Eco, who, after conquering the world with his very mainstream The Name of the Rose,  did a turn around jumpshot  into  hundreds of pages of  meticulously  researched  erudite symbology and obscure cultural references that sent the millions of folks who thought they had  seen his A game, stampeding for any exit. Hardcore lit geeks, who knew him  well before  all that bestseller foolishness, happily welcomed Umberto back to the kingdom of Nerd. Foucaults Pendulum was the beautifully convaluted story of three small time publishers, who, out of boredom and just a hint of malice, concoct a  Templar conspiracy that they hope will bring business their way. As happens so often in life, their fiction takes on a life of it’s own.

Which has what to do with Lincoln Cathedral? WELL, that  stampede we talked about barreled straight into the arms of a gentleman named Dan Brown, who wrote a barely researched, highly simplistic novel smattered with enough biggish words, anti catholicism, and famous places like Westminster Abbey, to make the memory of that deer- in- the- headlights moment when Umberto seemed  to be on the brink of listing the entire billion names of God, fade quietly into the pschological sunset. When Westminster Abbey turned up its nose at the fim offer, the Da Vinci Code movie was partially filmed in LINCOLN CATHEDRAL,which was not featured in the book, but nevertheless draws thousands of Da Vinci Code  tourists every year, generating a lucrative cottage industry  of Templar and Masonic conspiraces around the whole area. Umberto must be so proud- Go Lincolnshire!

the clothing competition_017


At least I THINK the Eco/Brown thing is what Thalion is going for- I didn’t really ask the right questions during the tour, but his Foucaults Pendulum  is swinging over astrological signs, and these stained glass windows are old Tarot cards… what the hell else can he be doing?

the clothing competition_013

Even if you are not a  not a huge Templar/Masonic conspiracy fan, the Cathedral is a sprawling, gorgeous build to explore, and a marvelous addition to Craft and the hypergrid! Well done Thalion!!
Now, the big news out on the hypergrid itself, comes from the  ladies of Nara’s Nook, a virtual  writers colony run by the brilliant and infatigueable biomed engineer turned romance writer and poet, Nara Malone. Their latest, very ambitious event, is called The Hypergrid Stories Project; a three dimensional presentation of their short stories and poetry, that whisk the reader across the hypergrid, with one story actually leading  you to one of the bigger closed commercial grids, whose name escapes me…Second something or other.



To participate in this groundbreaking project, jump into the main landing area at region Greyville, on Nara’s Nook Grid. See the boards, at the top of the picture, behind the building?

Shanel wiccan_004 jpeg

Every board is a blam gate, meaning you just walk into it, and it takes you to a specific destination. The first board on the right, and the second board on the left, take you to the poetry builds.


The board on the right goes to the WMAEM’s parcel, Pitcairn, on Craft! This is the only one stop installation.  Here, as on many of the builds, the themes involve steamy adult romance.


The second board on the left is an enchanting exception. The sweetness of “word bender” Oshi Shikigami’s winter poetry combines perfectly with Arcadia’s whimsical Cogtown. You are on Craft, at my museum:) The blam board will drop you at the Spirit of Arcadia, Slum City Teleporter, click for the menu, and teleport to Cogtown! Click the poetry for a chat reading!!


And now to  on to the stories! To my right is author Siobahn Muir, and to my left is brainbox Nara Malone.  It is important to remember that “groundbreaking” is spin for the first damn time anyone has tried something. The mechanics of the stories are by no means perfect, but you are on the hypergrid now, where we saddle up and ride the unexpected!! These stories are a terrific  free metaverse adventure!!   Here are some tips to make that ride a bit smoother!
Tip 1. Before you walk into a story, take a good, hard look at the board! The illustration and title will often be used as a sign  telling you where where to go next!


This is the first stop in Tina Glasnek’s story. There is really no indication you are supposed to go in the house, other than being dropped in front of it.
Tip 2. Although they are usually marked, THE TELEPORT OR LANDMARK WILL ALWAYS DROP YOU VERY NEAR THE NEXT STEP!! Do yourself a favor, and don’t wander off!


Inside the house, you will see these red squares. These squares can come in different colors, but they are always part of the stories.  There are three kinds:
A)If they are standing they are blam gates
B)Collision: they tell you part of the story in chat when you walk over them
C) If you click them they give you notecards or landmarks.
Tip 3. The story parts are made to be set off in a certain order, and they are not all in the colored squares. You need to click or interact with the things you see around you. Walk over carpets.Sit in chairs. If the story says he ran upstairs, go upstairs. If he then goes back down, go down and reclick everything. Sometimes objects  will give you different information on the second pass.

Tina story working_007

This is the Redlight Club and Hotel, located on the very vehicular  Next Reality Grid.
Tip 4) Sometimes more than one author uses different areas of the same region. Follow your story CAREFULLY!  If  you get a landmark,  that is your next step. Again, don’t wander off or try to jump between stories- they will only work one at a time, and in order.

Tina story working_004

If in spite of all your clicking and colliding, you still get nothing, just IM Nara or the author. All kinds of things, like region restarts that the writer ladies may not have been aware of, can bork the scripts.
For those of you who may not be particularly interested in romance  or adult genres,  have no fear-the stories vary enormously in plot and style.
Tip 5) Never underestimate Nara and her  fellow strumpets!!

SL Asylum_006 Series Shara Lanel_011 Series Shara Lanel_006 Series Shara Lanel_003 Last part Blue Harbor_001 Nara_025

The Hypergrid Stories Project is running until March 17th, 2014, so  there is still time for you to experience this one of a kind good read!!

Now it is Arcadia time!

Part 1: The Hobo’s Lullaby

                                            Go to sleep you weary hobo
Let the towns drift slowly by
Can’t you hear the steel rails hummin’
That’s the hobo’s lullaby
                                                       – Goebbel Reeves-

  For those of you who do not follow me on facebook(nooo!) or regularly read my blog(whyyyyyyy?) the museum I keep referring to is OpenSim’s first Arcadia Asylum Museum, which has gradually engulfed not only my life, but my regions of Monte Gordo and The Spirit of Arcadia, on Craft, the Friendly Grid. For those of you who still have no clue what the hell I am talking about-Legendary Arcadia Asylum is one of the metverses  oldest, most famous, prolific and contraversial creators.There have been museums in SL dedicated to her work for years, but there were none in OpenSim, so I started one:) The museums in Second Life, and now Craft, and Inworldz, are dedicated to collecting and distributing her hundreds of iconic  OpenSource creations. And ever since I have opened the Museum, folks have been showing up saying, “I have this or that Arcadia themed thingamabob.” If they aren’t too much  crazier than me, I put thier landmarks in the Slum City souviner box. This is the latest addition.


You could think you were in  Second Life’s famous Calleta Hobo Camp, couldn’t you?

Shanel wiccan_015 jpeg

They even have my favorite SL celebrity NPC ,The No Greefin Turkey, strutting his stuff!

Shanel wiccan_013 jpeg

Of course, after a while you can see the difference. You are on the free metaverses own, eternally surprising Clone Life Grid!!

Shanel wiccan_011jpeg
Yeah, they need to tweak a few things. I wrote about Clone Life a while back  when they tricked me into a visit, and then wowed me the most ASTONISHING free content- I really thought they couldn’t get higher on my wow- o- meter, but…


The Clone Life Calleta is much grander concept than the Hobo Camp. Grid owner Druskus War says it is a hommage to his friends Arcadia Asylum and SL Hobo King Orhalla Zander, who are pictured on the main entrance. He says Clone Life wants to spread the message of  Calleta, which is sharing freely, a philosophy we live by  out here on the hypergrid. The buildings you see on the main street are all original pieces by Druskus, and are free to copy, as are the wonderful vintage billboards!


The used car lot and vehicles are the only  original pieces from Arcadias Slum period. I have gotten permission to put up a couple more I think deserve to be on display somewhere, but are just too damn much for my audibly groaning regions.

Shanel wiccan_008jpeg


Calleta is simply massive.

There are rusted old trains in the high grass, green gunk pouring into the ocean and a really beautiful steampunk airship…. Druskus says these handcars aren’t working, YET.


Take your time exploring, there is so much to see here- and when you run across the bunker, click on the floor for Druskus take on Arcadia’s sewers! You will not expect this! The Clone Life Gang is adding to this region all the time, AND there is going to be a grand opening!! So keep coming back!!!

Part 2: The Big Rock Candy Mountains

In the Big Rock Candy Mountains,
There’s a land that’s fair and bright,
Where the handouts grow on bushes
And you sleep out every night.
Where the boxcars all are empty
And the sun shines every day
And the birds and the bees
And the cigarette trees
The lemonade springs
Where the bluebird sings
In the Big Rock Candy Mountains

– Harry McClintock-

Okay, I am now going to admit something. Everytime I went to the SL Arcadia Asylum Museums, I used to get angry. It wasn’t fair. In spite of all my scrounging, and so very many generous donors, only about half of Arcadia’s splendid content was available on the hypergrid, who I think deserve it as much as anyone. I would flip through those SL museum vendors like a  hungry kid in a candy store, trying to remember every detail, so if I saw something, anything, out here in the black, I could track it down for the museum. It was slow, slow going. It was hard. It wasn’t FAIR!

Notice how that was the past tense?

new aquisitions_002 1


In January I got the most freaking massive donation EVER!!! We are talking HUNDREDS of items. Right up until my kid got bunged in the hospital for the last time, I was running inventory checks and boxing every spare second of the day. I think it is now safe to say that the hypergrid has 99% of  Arcadia Asylum, Aley Aira, and Aley Residents content, including her latest Seaview Pier collection.

Unfortunatly, it is way the hell  too much for my museum on Craft. Soooooooooo….

Library interior!_003
I have put all the new boxes in the Arcadia Asylum Library, on region Independently Spoken, Metropolis Grid!! There are signs and landmarks in the Slum City warehouse and the pawnshop!

Library interior!_004
The handouts indeed grow on bushes!!!! Most of these items are not to be found ANYWHERE ELSE on the hypergrid!!! I have also integrated Falene Hawks and Han Held’s defunct Nova Arcadia region items into the Flotsam and Nemo collections, which are now damn near complete!! None of the items are scripted, and many are MASSIVE, so pay attention to the descriptions and notecards! If something is not set to copy, please contact me, or the region owner, the Indie Author Extraordinaire, Crystal Brewton.

And now my dears I must love you and leave you. I would like to thank Nara and the ladies of Naras Nook, Thalion and Tosh, the WMAEM,  Druskus and Althea War, Crystal Brewton, Han Held,  my  oh so generous anonymous donor, my family, and of all of you, for joining me on my small adventures. Your company  means more to me than I could ever  hope to express in words. If Jack and Haruki weren’t otherwise occupied, I would ask  them- hey, I didn’t know you could get a ghost in a full Nelson!

The sweetest of dreams and the brightest of days to you all! Until next time, adieu!

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