Metaverse tours_006

Here I sit , neither sad nor disheartened, waiting for a Metaverse Tour to get started.

A tree had lassoed me and now here I was, trying to recall what a hypergrid  does.

In RL it was good, I got half a new kitchen,

New oven and microwave  calmed my conniption

My health had returned, my family was quiet,

But  my virtual life had burst into a riot

Of messaging , politics, pueblos and tours,

IM’s and networks and metaverse lore

Calenders,  spread sheets,  excitement  galore,

As the shiny new year burst in with the roar,


And I suddenly found I had so many friends

With calm heads  and  brave hearts

It seemed that no project was too big to start.

On my hypergrid home, there was oh so much fun

New grids brought new music new role play to run

New friends joined Craft grid, and old friends returned

One said “Where’s your blog? For news we do yearn

And do something different  that we may learn


Okay, if I have to  bust one more rhyme  I will lose it on such a scale that the ghosts of Alfred Tennyson ,   Edgar Allen Poe, and Edna St Vincent Millay  will  appear,  beat the living snot out of me, then; as they begin their slow ascent back into the cloud strewn glory of literary immortality,  six glittering eyes will look down  in unison to answer my trembling whisper of “Why? WHY?? I mean Al you have been in a snit since Browning put his foot up your ass about the editing weirdness  and Edgar you were just flat out BORN strange and hissy, but Edna- how COULD you?? ”  with the sudden appearance of a  beautiful, elongated chapeau, exquisitely crafted gossamer  playfully  strewn with lines of crimson and alabaster  floating  gently down through the golden rays of celestial light  to land aside my battered form, igniting the smallest of hopes that all may yet be right with the world, when out of the hat pops   Dr Seuss, who launches his foot at  the rest of my teeth snarling ” It’s not like you had to do it for a living!!”

Hello my dearest dears! How marvelous, here we all are ready for another whirlwind adventure on OpenSim, the software platform that hosts hundreds of independent grids, may of which choose to be connected by the hypergrid, an amped up teleportation system that allows you to endlessly traverse these brave new  worlds, exploring, making friends from all over the planet,  and scoring so many free goodies that it just makes you dizzy; not the BAD kind of dizzy where your head is spinning from a lifetime of  twisted artistic frustration in the  form of a red and white striped jackboot barely missing your face, but the GOOD kind of dizzy, like when you  grab said footwear and hang on as the specter soars screaming with rage back to his home in the men’s room of  the Great Celestial Literary Pantheon; releasing your grip in time to dive straight into the pantheon’s core and stagger over to Gertrude Stein, who tend your wounds  a midst vows to wreak a terrible vengeance. At Gertrude’s insistence, Alice B. Toklas   reluctantly contacts A.A. Milne , who turns out to be the All Pantheon Knife Throwing Champion, and perhaps a shade too  eagerly volunteers to “manage” the Seuss situation, as the entire Beat Generation turns up, goatees aruffle and horn rims askew,  announcing they have wrestled Poe into rehab for the 264, 133,567,896th time- THEN it happens- carefully pocketing his day pass,  Haruki Murakami  ditches the Fitzgeralds ,  making a mad dash in your direction, arms flung wide, bellowing that only you could ever be   Zelda to his Scott , whilst in a flash Jack Kerouac  breaks away from the hippies, clotheslines the hapless mortal,  and sweeps you into his arms for  a passionate embrace, with  Charlie Parker and John Coltrane circling overhead playing an eclectic set of romantic tunes.  Bet ya didn’t see THAT coming! Oh shut up.

If you do not know how to get on OpenSim, (and believe me, you are not alone) please see my “How to Get on OpenSim in Six Ridiculously Easy Steps” and don’t forget my “Newbie Glossary” page, also at the top of this blog! Come on, it’s easy! Come spread your wings in the free metaverse!!

For today’s adventure we will be going everywhere and nowhere, and I believe it all began here, with a balancing elephant, a swimming pig and a mess  of Native American  Hopi spirits called Kachinas.

susan slade suq_032

                                    -Pueblo Madness-

If you do not regularly read my blog (sob) or follow me on Facebook, Twitter or G+ (whimper) you are  blissfully unaware of my long time menagerie, my 2 1/2 month descent into respiratory hell fire, nor my subsequently stalled plans for finishing a small project. In the weeks before the sinal apocalypse  the most excellent Public Domain Review  Fortnightly Newsletter        (which is 100% free, so check it out! ) had brought my attention to a wonderful collection of drawings from 1903, of Hopi Kachinas, spiritual beings that Pueblo Peoples portray in art and dance.In a permanent state of homesickness and old school political correctness I had been loading up my “home” platform on Monte Gordo in Craft for months with cacti and little doo dads that reminded me of my far away home in the American Southwest. It occurred to me that I could box these beauties up as textures for inworld use! A pretty box that would fit into the vaguely uneurocentric desert theme.

Hopi pic blog_002

Well a box became a kind of statue thingie boo that moves gently in the wind. It went up my “quelle the homesickness/ethnicize the metaverse” flagpole so completely the that I made a bunch more, then changed the ground to a red sand color, and began setting out campfires and  baskets and calling it my Kachina Garden! What a hoot!  I  eagerly began rethinking the base of the platform, which was a random illustration I had picked up wherever the hell…

More Hopi Blog_001

…that eventually became this beautiful image of  the Anasazi Ruins in Mesa Verde National Park, Colorado, by revered American photographer, Ansel Adams. A few informational notecards were next on the agenda!

At this point my sinuses went wilder than an elegant nineteenth century opium addict being stuffed into a straight jacket by a pack of scraggly  stoners. After about a month and a half, when I could look at the  computer screen without having a migraine, LOTS of stuff was happening inworld and out, making my own little project seemed unimportant.

Then  wildly prolific hypergrid blogger Zaphod Enoch of The Hyperzette showed up and hoisted me on my own freaking pitard. Yes, he blogged about the one damned thing on the region that was in no way shape or form finished: my platform.The poor guy  took the trouble to come here, and then had no idea what he was looking at!  Nerts, I was gonna have to info the place up.

Tosh pipes_003
Researching the notecards turned out to be incredibly soothing-  an oasis a midst the struggle of coping with ill health, work and  responsibilities up the slime ridden wazoo. I remembered how much I admired the Pueblo Peoples, who bravely defended their culture, and against all odds retained an astonishing degree of autonomy in  Mexico and the United States. I rediscovered how utterly cool Ansel Adams was, from his environmentalism, to his courage in  publicly condemning the governments illegal detention of Japanese American citizens during WWII.  I also realized that he had really sucked at legalese, and  consequently a large amount of his work  belonged to the government, putting it smack dab in the public domain.

More Hopi Blog_007
So Slum City got a Mesa Verde exhibit!!! Don’t the photos of a proper civilization look great floating over all our  craptastic “progress”?



You enter the little exhibit here just behind my platform. I have included some  more pictures by Ansel Adams in his info box, including one of his most famous images, “The Teutons and Snake River” which was one of 115 images included on the Voyager Space Probe’s Golden Record.  If you would like to take a look at more here is the link  to Wikimedia Commons Ansel Adams collection!

More Hopi Blog_004

More Hopi Blog_006
As Egyptian antiquities had fired European imaginations  in the early 1800’s,   ancient pueblo peoples, and their modern descendants became the darlings of  the American public  and intelligentsia  at the end of the 19th century. This not only provided the cash strapped Pueblo tribes with a source of income as fashionable art dealers snapped up their baskets, pottery, weaving, and  jewelry , it  inspired a
generation of  creative minds  to celebrate Pueblo culture with  a level of respect rarely shown to the non European. One of my favorite small examples: Pulitzer prize winning author Willa Cather’s, Song of the Lark, the third book in her seminal Prairie Trilogy, was a novel chronicling the life journey of a great  world class opera singer, who has her moment of blinding clarity not standing in an opera house, but high above the Arizona  desert  in an Anasazi cliff dwelling, contemplating pottery shards.

And in the course of the notecard research I saw lots and lots of photos of Pueblos , traditional  towns of  connected structures, made of stone or adobe bricks. Really lots of photos. Then one day as I was doing something or other in the Sanctuary museum Mer city exhibit, it occurred to me that the stone walkways looked kinda familiar.

The next thing I knew….

susan slade suq_033

susan slade suq_035 susan slade suq_034

…this had happened. Yes, when the going gets weird, the weird build  slightly lopsided Pueblos. I am slooowly filling the rooms with  wonderful public domain photos and artwork of the Hopi and am hoping to add an agricultural exhibit,and a  Kiva!

The whole Pueblo madness episode ran partially in parallel to another whopper, that thankfully  reared it’s head after the third round of antibiotics had failed and my ENT began stuffing me with chinese herbs that finally did the job, so I was slowly recovering, when what the German language SL forums succinctly referred to as the “shitstorm around Arcadia Asylum” began.

                                        – The Facts-

What has happened is that, as of this writing Arcadia Asylum(in her current avatar name of Aley Resident) has been banned from Second Life. We are assuming that it concerns two DMCA’s  filed around one five year old sculpt map of a tree, that Arcadia got hold of in a box of freebies floating around the SL sandboxes. Since Arcadia gives full credit to the creator of every freebie she uses, by leaving thier UUID (identification )numbers intact, a creator who saw one of the trees on a build was easily able to identify it as her own. The creator approached Arcadia, and asked her to take down the sculpt from her builds.  Arcadia removed it from  individual pieces, but neglected to take it out of some larger collections. So the creator  filed  two separate DMCAs, as  one other item using the sculpt came to her attention at a later date. The really unfortunate part is that the DCMA was filed when Arcadia was taking a break from her virtual life, to move house in her real life! A DMCA flips a switch in the Linden Lab computers, and you are given an automatic suspension that results in a ban if you do not reply. When Arcadia  tried to come back she had been banned, which combined with RL complications, appears to have been the straw that broke the camels back. She has expressed her loss of enthusiasm for SL to several friends, and has been completely out of contact since early December.

                                               -The Shitstorm-

So how can a copyright problem with one tree  be classified as a shit storm? Well my dear, that last paragraph  is the result of  a huge amount of reading , sifting, emailing, and rentless networking. The rumor mill was FLYING, faster than  an army of winged monkeys  after an uppity Kansas girl, as the many many people who have inventories stuffed with hundreds of her items,were blowing  their concerns at gale force all over the internet. It was unmitigated freaking chaos. And whether that concern was with creators rights , not wanting to get their own asses banned, or just  what the HELL was actually going on, with Arcadia silent, who in the world was going to answer them??

The Friends of Arcadia Asylum is who! Our G+ community,( formerly known as Arcadia Asylum All Around), initially conceived as a way for museum curators to communicate across several grids  became a kind of news feed, as Arcadia’s curators and friends combed social networks, contacting individuals, asking for clarification, cross referencing comments from thread to thread and network to network. Conclusions, facts,  summations, findings and pertinent links  are posted in the group, as is the current status of all our projects. Well of course there are projects, in fact, there are more projects than ever!! Here are the broad strokes:

 On That Really Big Laggy Closed Grid Whose Name Escapes Me…

SL lookin at aley stuff_002

…some of you may have seen this sign. Professor Grey, also known as Brian Lander, who had not only revived the Arcadia Asylum Museum movement, but under whose warm and capable helmsman-ship it had spread across the metaverse, became so frustrated with the shitstorm and hurt by the loss of his dear friend Aley, that he decided he needed a change. So he closed his museums and said farewell to the SL group, assuring them the organization he had built would be perfectly capable of running without him.

Brian and I_001

Not that he is totally gone, hehe! It’s a big ol’ metaverse, and Brian is  getting acquainted with the hypergrid  ! A real thrill for me; it seems like just yesterday I worked up the courage to ask him if he would think about maybe allowing me to  open a museum out in the black, and his immediate reply was to slap a curator tag  on me and start a packing lesson!!  Here he is getting a tour  of that museum on Gordo-  he knows so much, I learn more in 10 minutes with him than I do on ten hours combing the internet!!

And although the Professor Grey persona is officially retired, Brian Landers is extremely active on the G+ community, posting wacky pictures, lending his expertise, publishing catalogs of his Arcadia personal inventory, and starting an Arcadia themed online OAR repository!
Cog and Grog_001

My Friends of Arcadia Asylum group co owner, Briony Juran’s lusciously  steampunk Cog and Grog is not only still running strong, it is moving next door to an even roomier parcel!!!   This  lady is as busy as , well, a curator with an entire museum to lug next door, packing vendors, checking inventories and…


…visiting the 9 region Sanctuary Museum for a gander at how we do things in big sky country!!! We both had so much fun and again I just learned and learned !! Our next date is a tour of Diego Blake, a pirate region(next door to Flotsam in fact) that Aley contributed to extensively! I had no clue it existed before Briony posted a lovely little film about it on The FOAA G+ group!!!

                                                 -On the Hypergrid-

Well as you well know I am damn near impossible to shut up, much less get rid of, so my museums on Craft Grid,  on Sanctuary Grid, and the library on Metropolis Grid  are still very much open. Not only that; do you see the tree on that aquatic wall piece? That’s the little bugger in the DMCA. Now you see it…



… now you don’t! I re-read my own damned 2011 article on how to link and unlink, sent Briony some pics, and now my inventory, like hers, is 100% kosher, including the box with everything on Metropolis Grid! What inspired me to actually do something myself instead of my classic” whine until  *insert name*’s  begins to weep blood  and they *insert name*  for me in a desperate attempt to stop  their frontal lobes dribbling out of their nasal passage” strategy?

Well surprisingly, the historic joint indictment of my  larynx by the Vatican and the Hague didn’t really play into it. My inspiration was this pretty kitty, Ada Radius. Here we are in the  Kitely grid Cookie II Hobo sandbox; I am looking on, chattering about shinies, as Ada, a former forensic auditor gone  inworld  theater impresario and techno whiz, inspects her beautiful rescripted and  modified version of Aley’s Kuula Forest piece, making sure it is working and kosher for redistribution on the hypergrid. It took two hours, and Ada had put in several hours before that, contacting  the creator who had filed the DMCA for a  list of items for removal. Ada’s work ethic is as formidable as her intelligence, and she has started a google spread sheet of the entire Arcadia collection. She wants to create THE definitive shitstorm proof catalog of Arcadia’s work , which is just the first step in ,well, I am so excited about this I can hardly type for giggling. You see, Ada is also the CEO of a successful  non profit called New Media Arts  whose  “mission is to develop graphical, theatrical, literary, educational, library and other fine and practical arts on the internet, in 3D graphical user interfaces, multimedia, new generation computing devices, and other electronic and digital communication media. Our current projects are: The Antique Pattern Library,Avatar Repertory Theater, and Avatar Media Productions.” And their latest interest is the collecting and curating of virtual world artists, starting with Arcadia.  In a nutshell, Ada, and  New Media Arts want to get everything Arcadia has ever made ON THE HYPERGRID, koshered up, cataloged and scripted, for public use. And Ada posts about this budding project where? In the Friends of Arcadia G+ group! Gordo Spirit of Arcadia 1 II

Thus endeth the broadstrokes.

So, as the whole Pueblo Madness and shitstorm  ring cycle wound down, why didn’t this girl get to blogging again in a big way? An excellent question, if I do say so myself. And the answer is…

                                          -You Can’t Fight the Tree-

Here I am relaxing on an ostrich on my first and last Hypergrid Safari, meeting Serene Jewel for the first time. She was kinda quiet,which was a relief after the mad whirl of the  big safari  group. We wound up wandering off sort of together and I liked her as she politely  let me dibs the osterich .What could be less suspicious  than a well mannered arboreal?  Now I wonder, was it all part of a devilishly cunning plan?

meteverse tour 2_001

A few weeks passed, and one  Saturday evening I “happened” to run into Serene again on Craft grid’s welcome region. Well, even in virtuality, you don’t forget a tree that gave you first shot at an ostrich ride. We chatted a bit and she mentioned that she lead the Metaverse Tour group, which I had vaguely heard of. She asked about interesting Craft builds and invited me to join her little tour at 10pm CET, on the Kitely Welcome region. She was really nice and funny, and I thought that, with other things having consumed so much of my inworld time, this might be a good way to get some ideas for a blogs post!

Kitely metaverse thingy_004
A few Saturdays later, when I had written my blog post,  and  was getting very comfortable in the little group-  Serene began dropping subtle  little hints like, ” Guess what? Devokan Trust Mavin Dot Matrix and accomplished Kitely creator Min Tigerpaw have agreed to become Metaverse Tour Guides. Wouldn’t it be great if we had four people, then we would only have one tour a month each! Can you think of any overweight lady bloggers with snakes in their hair who might be interested in volunteering?” which I would skillfully counter by pointing over her lower branches  screaming “IS THAT THE OSTRICH ??” as I teleported out of chat range. The plot thickened as one day I   received  an exclusive, gold trimmed  invitation to a swank four person Metaverse Tour Guides G+ group! I swaggered in, spouting reasons why I couldn’t lead any tours in the immediate future, searching for the chocolate fondue fountain my finely honed blogger instincts told me would be center stage in the sumptuous members only buffet, when I suddenly received my first group notice. There was going to be a meeting in 5 minutes about a special guides project,  and would I care to join them? I was really excited- a meeting would definitely involve several tables groaning under the weight of tray after tray of expensive  hors d’oeuvres ! Metaverse tours_001

Not a vol au vent in sight! But it was a good thing I showed up , as our little “surprise” project for the metaverse was spinning totally out of control in a nose dive of esoteric symbolism and good taste. Valiantly ignoring my hunger pangs  I hoisted the banner of schlubs everywhere,  firmly introducing graffiti,  garbage  and cheating to the agenda. I also made some discreet inquiries into the groups um, lack of structure. For example, why did we not  have a general g+ group for the tours? The answer” Because we’re lame?” brought home the grim realization that  there was not a chance in hell these starry eyed liberals  had  unpacked the hampers for the  VIP buffet! Heading  hurriedly back to the g+ guide group, as  I rummaged around for anything marked Maxim’s or Harrod’s, the tree made her move. Suddenly the notifications were coming faster than a big lady blogger hot on the scent of Cordon Bleu roast turkey with black truffle butter and white wine sauce- there was now a public Metaverse Tour G+ group AND a calendar for the guides to PICK A DATE!!! Dizzy with raw fear and the lack of gourmet nibblies, I tried to save myself by leaving the page, but my family’s clawing my legs and begging for dinner diverted me at  the last second, and to my horror I realized that I had booked a tour date!!!

Metaverse tours_007

It turned out to be a hoot and a half! Serene and Dot came along to help with the herding, as we oogled the amazing art  at  Spiral Silvester’s  massive surreal gallery Phantasmagoria

Metaverse tours_025
…to exploring Daniel Hoffmans weird and  wonderful Transgenia  world, both on Kitely Grid!

Metaverse tours_033
It was a great group, not too big nor too small, with a great mix of old friends and newbies! By the time we got to Craft Grid’s Uptown roleplay freebie region, we were giggling like a pack of school girls and um saplings.

Metaverse tours_043
The tour ended at Craft Grids animal and garden freebie region Noah as we all stood around laughing and chatting excitedly about the next tour!! Hypergrid newbie Hisano Xelax had such a good time, she even blogged about it! 4 times!!!!

Unfortunately my computer  had a nasty virus the night of Min’s excellent tour, which was a bummer, but this Saturday’s tour I will make if I have to buy a new computer because this week is the Devokan Trusts 5th anniversary in OpenSim, and Trust co founder Dot Matrix is going to take the Tour group on a special anniversary walk around some of thier many breathtaking builds. Here is a short article by New World Notes, about the trust from their OS grid days, and a longer article by me from that period, which  gives simple explanations of  the complex Myst Uru culture, on which the Devokan builds are based.

The anniversary week will conclude with a really big party on February 7th at 11 pm CET which I will try to make not simply because I think the world of the Trust, but because it will mean I FINALLY get to see something put on  by Roxy Roller, a Second Life event organizer who is taking Kitely and the hypergrid by storm!

Little 3rd Rock Grid has also made a surprisingly big dent in the hypergrid  cultural scene, with almost non stop musical performances, and a high profile Star Trek role play community that is growing in leaps and bounds!

So how do you keep track of all this stuff?

                                    -The Google + Guru-


Hypergrid destinations
This is a picture of The G+ Group Hypergrid Destinations, run by the hypergrid’s own Google Guru, my buddy ShawnKmaloney, who is on a mission to get, among other things the hypergid using all the great free tools that are available for communication. He wants every man jack of us to understand that if people create calendars and events, then muck about in their g+ settings guts, they can create their own calendar that not only shows anything your friends are posting, but, sends you reminders, puts the invitation in your language and time zone, hell, my android tablet RINGS when the reminders come up!It is an amazing system, that is also a trifle convaluted to use. So if you look at the bottom of this list, you can see a link to Shawn’s Google Calender, which is the only one I link to , because he has pretty much everyone on it. Shawn doesn’t just nag us to do things, he also makes very useful videos showing us how to do them. The videos are not organized unfortunately, you have to scroll through the photo section of his profile  until you see a vid that looks interesting. Shawn troubleshoots different viewers, makes travel documentaries, and how to videos on different aspects of google plus he finds useful. All of which is thoroughly peppered with a wild  brand of humor that would have George Carlin rolling in the aisles.

There is a link to his latest pet project in the Hypergrid Destinations group- The Interactive HG Address List. This is a Google spread sheet, such as Brian and Ada are using for their catalogs. Shawn is using it to create, well the title says it all. Send Shawn your  google email address and he will get you on the editors list- you can test grids to see if they are up and running, add grids, create categories,; Shawn is very keen that this be a community project. I am using it, and it is amazing, there is a live chat function, you can leave questions and comments, and I can assure you it is  100% idiot proof!! The undo button will bail you out of  any corner you back yourself into!
And don’t forget, Shawn’s signature move is ” crazy yet extremely helpful”, he will walk you through all this stuff, he loves to skype and is just generally very very accessible. So drop him a line, and start spread sheeting:)

And now my dearest dears I must love you and leave you- oh wait, more tour info. this coming Wed. February 4 the infatiguable Nara Malone will be leading a Hypergrid Nights Tour to my Museum on Monte Gordo! And I will be up at 3am to greet the group and generally stagger around! Take a look at Shawn’s Calender for the details:) Another tour!! See, you DO need a calendar!

I would like to thank Shawnkmaloney, Nara Malone, Talia Sunsong, Serene Jewell, Selby Evans, Ada Radius , Briony Juran, Brian Landers, Leighton Marjoram, Avia Bonne, Zaphod Enoch, Tosha Tyran, Hisano Xelax, Dot Matrix, Paislee Myrtle,Roxy Roller, Zinnia Frenzy and the 3rd Rock gang, Min Tigerpaw, Daniel Hoffman, Ger Orsini, Spiral Silvester, Beth S O’Connell, Maxim’s de Paris,my family, the ostrich, and of course all of you, for listening to my ramblings, and  sharing my small adventures. Your company means the world to me! The sweetest of dreams and the brightest of days to all of my beloved readers! Until next time, Adieu!



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Here I am on Craft Grid’s Mathland region, one of several brainy builds by  oh so imaginative math and science teacher Michelle Techland.

Liberally smattered with poseballs that make you appear far more intelligent than you actually are, it is the perfect place to take off your RL shoes, and work out how long it has been since oh, let’s say your last blog post.

I ran through all my fingers, toes and the brainiac poseballs as the realization sunk in that  nearly two months had flown by-what the duck had happened?

Well, life happened. My kid had a big 17th birthday, both my jobs shifted into high gear yet again, while my health completely crapped out. Nothing exotic or sinister, just boogers, wheezing, borderline migranes, reams of antibiotics and ice packs, and an exciting addition to my medical repitoire that amounts to nothing less than a monument to this millenium’s intercultural synchronic destiny called  Jala Neti in Sanscrit; yes, under 21st century German medical advice, this New World denizen is using a 5,000 year old Hindi yogic technique of twice a day filling a  small douche bag with saline solution, ramming the tube up a nostril, slack jawed, upper spine twisted into a compact arch whilst gently squeezing said bag- thus purifying the sinal cavities  by ablution of the dust, pollen, bacteria and any last shred of  dignity into the dark belly of the Berlin “unterwelt”. After several weeks I can almost breath  without the use  of vestigial gills, and as an added bonus, my son radically re evaluated his admiration of several loutish youtube humorists when he  saw an actual “douche bag ” in action.

Hello my dearest dears! How marvelous! Here we all are, ready for another whirlwind adventure on OpenSim, the software platform that hosts hundreds of independent grids, some of which choose to be connected by an amped up teleportation system called the hypergrid, which allows you to endlessly explore these brave new worlds, making friends from all over the planet, having tons of exciting experiences, and scoring enough free content to make you just dizzy- with happiness of course , not the kind of dizzy when your baby boy’s last year as a legal minor looms on the horizon, and the snooty ear nose and throat specialist who has changed office three times since you landed in her dubious clutches, dropping elephantine hints about restraining orders, “reverse malpractice” and some sort of global otorhinlaryngological blacklist, as her  brutally medievil opening hours force you to scale her  4th floor balcony, ice bags straps and douche bag a dangle, pathetically moaning about tube suction ratios and amoebic gill symptomology, gives her tight, bitter little smile, and informs you that all alchohol consumption would be counterproductive towards your full recovery. Stupid woman. Were I imbibing, could I have navigated her  rose trellis at 4am with such unfettered aplomb?

If you do not know how to get on OpenSim, (and believe me, you are not alone) please see my “How to get on OpenSim in Six Ridiculously Easy Steps” page at the top of this blog. If you do not understand the terminology, please see my “Newbie Glossary” also at the top of this blog. Come on, it’s easy! Come spread your wings in the free metaverse!!

For today’s adventure there is not much point in you following me around, unless of course you are a serious antihistamene fetishist, but who the hell needs me any way? The free metaverse is a jumpin’, and there are so many great ways for you to find out what is going on these days!!

In the blogosphere:
The Hyperzette , Zaphod Enoch’s bilingual hypergrid  gazette, is really coming into it’s own! Concise, informative,  loaded with great photos and interesting interviews, every post has some nugget that will surprise longtime hypergridders, and help newbies get the most out of thier first forays into the black!

Metaverse Destinations  My friend Minethere Always collections of photos and hypergrid addresses will keep you occupied for, well, years concievably- her taste is impeccable,and there is the added bonus of her laidback Texas humor!

Pings From The Afterlife
Thirza Ember was one of the only people blogging about the hypergrid when I first arrived,  and after a long absence she is seriously back in the saddle!  Thirza is buddies with most of the OpenSim developers and big wigs, as well as the A list artists who have migrated to the hypergrid, so her posts are always cutting edge.

Google Plus    has become THE hypergrid social network. I understand that Google is heavilyly scented with Eau de Ginormous Multitentacled Corporate Borg Cube, but it is also where the free metaverse communicates, and if you do not have an account you are seriously missing out. You can friend me and I will reshare your questions, you can join general communities like OpenSim Virtual or Hypergrid Destinations, or Miney’s Metaverse Goofballs. Most grids, such as Metropolis Metaversum, Kitely, Craft, Selea’s World, Franco Grid, Sanctuary have active communities. Want to blog about the Hypergrid? Join Metaverse Bloggers. Interested in art? Try Arts in Virtual Worlds. Remember, friending does not work very well between grids, and the hypergrid has a far, far greater landmass than SL, so if you are going to try and meet people at random inworld, quit your day job and start those divorce proceedings now. For better or for worse, G+ is the only form of centralized communication  the hypergrid has. Be smart and use it.

And out on the hypergrid itself:

The Hypergrid Safari!- Every Wednesday, and one Sunday a month I believe,Thirza Ember and Linden artist in residence Wizard Gynoid, lead a really, really big, star studded, hypergrid sightseeing tour group, which Thirza then documents in her blog, and folks occasionally film. The destinations tend to be oriented toward her A list art crowd and big wig friends, making the whole shebang pretty darn impressive. Participation is free and absolutly everyone and thier cat is welcome. Keep an eye on the(duh) G+ group to find out where they are meeting.

The Metaverse Tour!- happens every Saturday night at 10pm CET. As of this writing they meet at…

Kitely metaverse thingy_001

…the Kitely Welcome Center, address being Welcome Center .  I have been on the tour three times now…

Kitely metaverse thingy_015

See the tree lady to my left? That is tour guide Serene Jewell.

meteverse tour 2_001

Kitely metaverse thingy_013

Kitely metaverse thingy_010

Kitely metaverse thingy_004

The Metaverse Tour is low key, Serene is a, funny, relaxed guide, the groups are small and very friendly, the destinations are a delightfully eclectic mix, and the tour’s  focus on Kitely Grid,  (the first two stops are usually Kitely) which makes up freaking half of the hypergrid’s landmass folks, is a very smart move. Serene has lassoed friendly, prolific Kitely creator Min Tigerpaw and the staggeringly gifted Devokan Trust builder and organizer Dot Matrix  into becoming alternate guides; and as she keeps prowling my regions, rope a twirl, softly whistling the Bonanza theme, I am assuming I will be alternate guiding at some point in the near future. You can get more information about the Metaverse Tour on Serene Jewell’s, you’ll never guess it, yes G+ page!!

I know what you are thinking now. All right I don’t, but I know where I want this post to go, so what you are thinking (nudge nudge) is that if  virtualchristine, the groundbreaking blogger who burst on the scene in 2012 valiantly founding the first museum on the Hypergrid dedicated to that elusive yet legendary cultural titan, Arcadia Asylum, on a small region that has expanded to 11 regions and a library  on 3 grids due solely to her   heroic -you know this whole “playing along” scenario only works if you stay awake.


IS sign finished

So vis a vis Arcadia Asylum, the whole who the hell needs me thing kicked in yet again!!  This sign is hanging in…

IS box w eve sign_002
…the ground floor of…

IS box w eve sign_003
…my little Arcadia Asylum Library on Metropolis Grid, Region Independently Spoken, where you can  now pick up your copy of my entire Arcadia inventory with one click!! Thank you Crystal for all your dogged tenacity and hard work!! Oh yeah, to get there, plug the following address into your viewers world map, hit find, then teleport! Spoken !

And there’s more!! Here I am…

ada and me_001
…on Kitely Grid, region Cookie ll which is a film studio, and Hobo Center. The  pretty kitty is good humored SL film maker, actress, producer – you get the idea- Ada Radius, and  we are testing the FULLY SCRIPTED  Privateer boxes she has put out for the public to copy. Fully scripted as in EVERY FREAKING THING works, the elevators, doors, lights, seats E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G!! They still need a bit of tweaking, but DAYUM, soon the days of my jamming doors open and shoving poseballs down toilets will have gone the way of the dodo and any positive connotation of the words “Tea Party”.  Ada is taking Arcadia on the hypergrid to a whole new level! She has also turned her friend Selby Evan’s  Cookie II regions into a really interesting Arcadia/Aley themed build, with floating islands, a railroad, underwater space craft and an ever growing slum city-I have all these things, but would never have thought to use them the way Ada has. You can contact her on the, oh what is that network called, G squared?  Minus? No!! Plus-G+!! And to help you get there: II

Okay, you got me. Putting up signs, testing space stations and going on tours IS doing something. There were days when sinal pressure left enough of my frontal lobes oxygenated to go inworld and do lightweight stuff.

sanctuary last shoot_007

A while back, on a good day, I indulged in a bit of what I like to call “gate diving”.It works like this: you go to Shaun Emerald’s marvelous gate hub at, and just jump through gates randomly.You never know what you will find, or who you will meet.spellscape_001

This was a jump through the Spellscape Grid gate.  Attention grabber, isn’t it?

After having a look at the twisty temple thingy-boo , I went for a walk over the hills. The countryside was lush…


…and town had some really nice shops and features. It all seemed to be a kind of vaguely fantasy oriented role play grid.

As I was snooping around in somebody named Xander Bing’s  office, a physically savaged, blade wielding Xander suddenly popped in and said hi.  Secure in the knowledge that halloween was just around the corner  and if people don’t want bloggers clicking away at thier desk drawers, they can lock the damned door,  I  confidently took a seat and complimented him on his impresive array of anatomical damage, as well as the bloody knife.He proudly stated the av was a present from a friend, for the grid’s upcoming Hallween party,  but was puzzled by the knife reference.

It turned out to be  a red wand! Friendly Xander TPed us down to a really cool spell casting range…

… and began blasting  the crap out of targets with the wand!  Apparently the grid is not simply for socializing and roleplay, it is run as a business by a group of programmers, who want to see where they can take OpenSim software. Although everything isn’t quite up and running, the idea is that there will be magical fantasy quests, which work in conjunction with the grid website.

spellscape_007  I noticed free magical equipment upstairs in the Magic Store, and Xander assured me that grid residents could participate in everything without paying a cent. Of course, the free game related items are non exportable, preventing people  from  making alterations and cheating. They saw me coming. Residents may rent land,sell merchandise and create thier own quests, which needn’t be fantasy oriented at all-I really found the whole thing to be very interesting and different and Xander, with the gaping hole in his chest and funky spellcaster mojo, was a complete charmer. Spellscape has some pretty impressive features, from content protection to a marketplace, that they created parallel to Kitely’s, whose fanfare obviously drowned the smaller grid out completely!   I would just like to point out  that if they would export thier wands, we could posse up and do something about that.  Here is the

And before THAT, I also had some unexpected fun, when my dude BFF (who will LOVE being called that) the World’s Most Amazing Estate Manager and I were yakking on Skype, and he suddenly said, ” Let’s go check this out!”

friday night_005
So we gated on over to RezMela Mega who’s hypergrid address I can’t give you, because they are apparently, not always connected. Region owner Dr. Ramesh Ramloll had put out the address and word on ,where else, G+, that his lab was running technical tests and needed volunteers from the hypergrid. Like most men, the WMAEM is a nearly as big a sucker for the words “technical test” as he is for “open bar” or ” boobalicious”. And like most women, my interest in anything military that isn’t a playgirl centerfold is zero . But  my friend was enthused, so I gave a little tut tut about guys,and   dutifully began clicking.

friday night_006

As he launched into his signature moves of crashing, changing viewers and cursing developers, I was working out how to get in the vehicles and drive, where my steering  skill level  led me to a  genuinly fun discovery…

friday night_009

… you could blow stuff up! This was better than three of my therapists AND seasons 1-12 of the Montel Williams show!!

friday night_008

When the WMAEM had finally settled on a viewer and could see properly, the entire field was aflame, as I  jumped into vehicle after vehicle,trying to find the soft spot on the stubbornly intact nuclear silos. The WMAEM acted suitably impressed by my level of carnage, expressed sympathy as to the lack of mushroom clouds, and asked if I had tried  the guns.  To my reply of “what guns? he gave a little tut tut about females,    pointed a tank at the silos, and dutifully began clicking the cannon controls. I wandered over to the far side of the field in hopes of finding, oooh, maybe a hunky Naval Cryptologist sporting a cute little rocket launcher when…

friday night_010
Someone who was not Dr. Ramloll( I THINK, but I didn’t take notes) suddenly  popped in and said hi.  Secure in the knowledge that if people don’t want bloggers engulfing thier grids in  waves of hellfire, they can lock the damned hypergate, I confidently peered through the smoke and complimented him on his game. Friendly, good humored  whoever he was proudly stated that this was not a game, but actually a testing grid for programs to train emergency services!

friday night_011

He clicked a doodad under a 15 story pointing finger that I, in my state of heightened pyrolust, had managed to overlook. This huge control panel rezzed. You selected lanscapes, vehicles, disaster worker NPC’s, you name it, from the little menu on the right, positioned them on the big map, et voila!

friday night_012
With one click everything appears just as you laid it out! The WMAEM, who had been on the far side of the region working on the now  non existant tank, was having a huge WTF moment on skype, whilst I became immersed in playing with the panel, so there are no more pictures, BUT, at the risk of being too technical, I am telling you that this control panel is an absolutly unique HOOT; and when the grid is open to the public, the control panel is open too. Ingen Labs Grid, hooks up to the hypergrid fairly often, but not regularly, so you need to keep an eye on Dr. Ramesh Ramloll’s comments where…?? G+ is where!!!

And much much farther back, when I had just finished my last blog post, I started on an old to do list. The terraforming disaster with which I had begun my last post, was a direct result of starting that list.

You see, I DO have long term plans beyond cross grid invasion, wand cheats and nukes. When I  moved ALL the boxed collections from my 2 region Arcadia Asylum museum on Craft, to thier own region on my new 9 grid museum on Sanctuary, I figured the two Craft  museum regions would be sufficiently unconstipated, (I apologize if this is too technical) to handle to putting out some of the  really really big honking pieces in the African Slums collection. Blissfully unaware that my light headcold would soon morph into the sinal apocalypse, I threw myself into the to do list.

fixed mountainside_002
Like setting up a rainforest mountain range….

fixed mountainside_005
…in the African Homelands of Spirit of Arcadia
new slum city photos_003
And the Gordo region doubled in size!!

new slum city photos_004

You can  use the  teleport  system to get to  our new section, Cidade Baixa, (the lower city) or you can walk from the upper city. The two entry points are in this square….

new slum city photos_005

…you can go down into Aime Cesaire subway station, and walk through the newly laid tunnel. The train doesn’t work YET, but I have left a catnip trail from Cookie II to the station entrance, so something could happen any day now.

new slum city photos_006
Or you can walk down Jack Kerouac Alley, through the old Barbary Coast illustration…

new slum city photos_007
..and there you are, in a new Chinatown Alley!

New Slum city photos 2_001
I have finally been able to put up the slum church, hotel, and diner…

New Slum city photos 2_003
…past the church and diner, is the entrance to the Leopold Sedar Senghor subway station, a wonderfully grotty public restroom, and I have put the  slummy half  pipe into a beautifully graffiti lined People’s Park!

New Slum city photos 2_004
In the spirit of Arcadia’s Open Source Urban Bling Project, I have started collecting creative commons licenced, or public domain wall murals, graffitti and images from all over the planet, and bringing them inworld. Seriously, I have graffiti here from freaking Katmandu. My favorite is this beautiful  Spanish mural of Nobel Prize winner Toni Morrison. If something is set to copy, the appropriate information should be in the description; please play nice  and use the images according to thier license:)

New Slum city photos 2_005
Across the as yet unnamed plaza, is the Slum City Jesus Mission, and series of arches that sports Ethiopian graffiti and a lovely  old public domain photo of a unit of Buffalo Soldiers.  Walk through the open archway to…

New Slum city photos 2_006
…the Trenchtown section of Slum City!!!!

10423735_913251935351712_472225698341454585_n Trenchtown
For those of you having a serious what the duck moment, – Trenchtown a poor area of Jamaican capital Kingston, is probably one of the best known slums in the world, whose most famous son,Robert Nesta “Bob” Marley, cemented his hometown, his Rastafari way of life with it’s Pan African roots, and Jamaica’s rich music scene   firmly into western mainstream culture during the 1970`s. Well, mon, it’s exciting to ME!!

New Slum city photos 2_007
Okay, it’s like this, I  take Bob Marley so seriously that I looped No Woman No Cry for every chemo session and before all 5 operations when I had cancer , and I honestly believe that  Bob’s deep spiritual message and in your face politics make Trenchtown a splendidly appropriate addition to Slum City. And across the street from Marcus Garvey square, behind the Rasta colored walls…

New Slum city photos 2_008
…will, hopefully, one day be the Culture Yard, the RL Museum, cultural center, and Jamaican National Heritage site that was once the “government yard in Trenchtown” where Vincent “Tata” Ford  ran a soup kitchen and hosted all night music sessions with aspiring young artists, including one who was courting a girl named Rita, and wanted to learn how to play the guitar. This is the acknowledged birthplace of Reggae music. Everyone from Snoop Dog to Prince Charles has come by to pay thier respects .

And as I was pluggin away at me build and odda tings, I noticed that Craft Grid seemed very quiet. Hardly anyone seemed to be was online. Okay, I knew that a few friends had moved onto different projects, and that, with starting the new Sanctuary museum and the summer break, I had been away from Craft  for a few months now. Maybe I was just missing the action. So I would make little excursions.

Craft pedal boat_001
I was relieved that Craft’s beautiful mainland regions seemed to be intact. The beach at Onda, craft-worl-OMG I just can’t do the address thing anymore. Look, if you want the address for any of these craft regions, just type the hell the region name is, okay? …

Craft pedal boat_002

…which leads to the lovely walled city of Opera….

Craft pedal boat_006

…from whose towers the mainland regions…

Craft pedal boat_008
…with thier fantastic freebie shopping areas…

…wildly eclectic landscapes…


…and some of the best connecting pathways on the hypergrid, make Craft such a cool place to call home. Hey wait a sec, that looks familiar…

Alos AviDreamz_007

…yes, two of my favorite places are now located off the mainland coast! The bright lights of region Pyramid OSIta and peaceful beauty of  Margye Dreams are as impressive as ever.

I found my buddy GeR Orsini’s Region Uptown, a major costume and accessories region had moved as well…

…but was all there, right down to the last blood soaked throne and pair of Geta sandals.

My snooping uncovered stuff I hadn’t seen before as…

Michelle’s really big Mathland build…


…and my Facebook buddy Phil Taylor was messing with this really mondo labyrinth on region Borderlands. I got SO freaking lost!


Someone I don’t believe I’ve had the pleasure of meeting named Francisco Siciliano had started what appeared to be freebie regions on Italia 1 and 2!


And because there seems to be no stopping Italians from giving away stuff in style…


…Hashanty Yifu had started a Venice themed build with freebie boutiques on region Jolie!

Octagenarian meister builder Yoster Allen was back and working on a new region  educational region called Heritage! Charming Aria Aira was putting her fairy region back up on a new build called Starlight. Metaverso, Delta, Agra,Campos, the fabulous beaches of Des Maldives- I could go on and on-were all still there. Craft seemed to be not just intact but building away, yet things were  still off. Where were the cool events, the crazy parties?  Why was the Welcome Center on region Hydra so out of date? And where the heck were the owners, Licu Rau and Tao Quan?? I left the two fugitives reams of of nosey IMs and waited.

Cyberland tram_024

It wasn’t long befor Licu and Tao had sent me a TP to a colorful build I had never seen before. Apparently, they had been inworld the whole time, but incognito, as they were working like fiends on, get this, a new  grid .Let me tell you, I did not see that one coming.

Cyberland tram_001
Yes that is a candy cane  train station. Now focus, this is where the story really gets going. Apparently, Licu has been getting requests for a long time from his rather formidable array of artist friends and aquaintences, for a really secure grid; something  on the hypergrid, where they could put out thier best stuff without worrying about it being stolen or copied, and a monetary system, so they could do business. And THAT is what Licu and Tao have been working on! The new grid will be called Avidreams, and would open possibly at Christmas, definitly in the early new year.

Cyberland tram_018
Yes that is teddy bears skiing on a chocolate mountain. I thought we talked about focusing. Anyway, Craft Grid will not only stay non profit, the revenue generated by the commercial grid will suppliment it; already the limit on how many sims you can link to Craft from an external server has been lifted, an opportunity that former residents of the still offline OS Grid have been using like …

Cyberland tram_016

…a desert fork the size of a snow shovel in this place!

Cyberland tram_011
Oh alright. This is Cyberland region, which will be Licu’s and Tao’s personal commercial venture on the new grid.

Cyberland tram_022
This build will feature a game,which you can play to win Avidreamz currency and you should be able to buy most of the individual pieces. I really hope this region will be open for Christmas; the train ride, sweeties and toys will be a perfect holiday outing:))!

Then the events began happening!!

choc again_002
achoc again_011 choc again_005
On Craft’s region Chameleon there was a Chocolate party!! I swear I put on five pounds.

with licu in voldemort_014
with licu in voldemort_015

Then Chameleon morphed into Hogwart’s castle for the Voldemort Party, which I missed as the horseman of pestilance began using my respiratory system as his own personal steeplechase, but Licu gave me a private tour where I got a cool Slytherin scarf!!! Nosey IMs just pay and pay.

Craft pedal boat_010

One of the most dramatic changes happened on Craft’s welcome region, Hydra. You can see Hydra Station, out beyond the green hills, in the distance. Wait for it.


Ta Da!! This is the brand new Hydra!!!!!


There are now hypergates on both sides of the familiar little stone structure.The gates on this side, with a  bridge that leads to the famous Craft Department Store…


…are internal Craft Destinations, organized into themed “platforms”…


….like interesting places.  Which idiot calls thier region “Fat Mountain?” in Portuguese? Oh yeah.


On the other side, is a gate hub to most of the big grids, plus  a few little charmers.

But to me the best thing of all is this:)

Region MdM is back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Museum del Metaverso period was a golden time for Craft and the hypergrid.  A list artists from all over the world came to participate in the Museo’s unique cross media events,  often to try out OpenSim for the first time. Project leader Roxelo Babenco is putting out press releases and all kinds of feelers for the old crowd to come back, and anyone new to get on board for participation in concerts lectures exhibitions- you name it.

Even if it means I have to amputate my freaking nose, I am NOT gonna miss any of this!!!

And now my dears I must love you and leave you. Thanks to one of my beloved fans , who’s RL job involves leading an ex Mossad “security group”,  I have managed to once more locate my lady ENT, and have booked an appointment with the deeply shaken creature for tommorrow morning! So here’s hoping! I have no idea when I will be back to my usual level of chirping at all of you, so enjoy the peace and quiet while you can! I would like to thank the WMAEM, Licu and Tao, whoever gave me such a charming tour at RezMela Mega, Xander, Roxelo, Ada, Serene, Miney and the whole G+gang, and of course all of YOU, for accompanying me on my small adventures. Your company means more to me than I can say. The sweetest of dreams and the brightest of days to you all. Until next time, adieu!

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Here I am, doing a spontaneous, high pitched reassesment of my terraforming skills, amidst the wreckage of what used to be the Loli Caverns exhibit on my Arcadia Asylum Museum in Craft, the Friendly Grid . After my  analysis had reached it’s conclusion, I took a  personal moment…

… listening to the  “plop” as  the last shred of my dignity made it’s final descent into the great celestial crapper. It was time to do some serious reflecting.

Since coming back from my holidays it often seemed that life had become a minefield thrown down between me and  success in anything inworld or bloggy.  Over the summer break, my laptop appeared to have recovered from it’s state of unbridled despair, and, in an impressive diplomatic triumph,  enlisted a kitchen appliance in the  ongoing battle to knock me offline-thus halting my crushing intake of hypergrid freebies. I am completely serious, my computer guy was in the kitchen for half an hour, gibbering ” but a microwave CANNOT interfere with WiFi”  like a frighteningly tech saavy baboon who’s breathtaking command of two languages ultimately could not save him, my WLAN extender, or the microwave’s tainted soul. Left to fend by my wits alone,  I called on the resources my highest educational level provided and dragged ever major appliances over to the fuse box, showed them a screwdriver and told them I was not afraid to use it. Happily humming the Zoot Suit theme, I  then confidently  swaggered out onto the internet,  where the laptop’s  cunning contingency plan came into play,  throwing open the gates to an adware behemouth that chillingly survived  days of defrags, AVG sweeps, and anti malware whatever-they- are-called, only to be vanquished in 20 minutes by a free download called ADWcleaner, that my computer guy told me about in a  rather spectacular return to form. Finally able to go inworld, I found  that every single motherducking teleporter on  the Sanctuary Museum so badly fried that grid owner , Shaun Emerald, who has never had a tech baboon moment in his life, had to mount up and lasso at least one OpenSim developer. Okay he contacted them in a forum, but if you aren’t into overblown hyperbole, why are you still reading this post? On the non computer front, my job in an elementary school kicked in two weeks early,  and of course my son’s academic year began, so there were meetings and shopping and nagging and organizing, and THEN (you’re gonna love this ladies) my husband was written off SICK!!!!!!!!! Note to my married male readers: we do love you, we just want to love you the F**K out of our house. The minefield had officially rolled all the way to the  far horizon, and I began to wonder if, after one of the best summers since childhood, why was my karma coming around like a killer whale who’s trainer is unwittingly cooing ” But there’s no more fish big guy!” in exactly the same vibratory frequency as  an uppity ass elephant seal ?

Hello my dearest dears! How marvelous, here we all are ready for another whirlwind adventure on OpenSim, the software platform that hosts hundreds of independent worlds, many of which choose to be connected by an amped up teleportation system called the hypergrid, which allows you to endlessly explore these brave new worlds, making friends from all over the planet, having mindblowing experiences, and scoring enough fantastic free content to make you just dizzy. Dizzy with happiness of course. Not the kind of dizzy where your teenage son is holding onto your belt with one hand and your laptop in the other, as you hang out the kitchen window, dangling some 10 odd small appliances by thier cords whilst screaming-” I’ll drop them if you do not import those mesh undies in XXL  this INSTANT!!!”

If you do not know how to get on OpenSim, (and believe me, you are not alone) please see my “How to get on OpenSim in Six Ridiculously Easy Steps” page at the top of this blog. If you do not understand the terminology, please see my “Newbie Glossary” also at the top of this blog. Come on, it’s easy! Come spread your wings in the free metaverse!!

For today’s adventure we will start on the OS Grid, way the heck  back in the beginning of August. In an unprecidented display of organization and sheer dumb luck during the final countdown to our  annual family holiday in the  Algarve, I was able to do something other than mop staircases and bellow” YOU HAD 363 DAYS TO FIND YOUR  GODDAMN*fill in the blank*” – the chance to  do something just for moi-goin’ on a Hypergrid Safari!


I wouldn’t admit this to just anyone, but I’ll tell YOU- as the evening crept up, my nerves became jangled. Safari organizers Thirza Ember is a MAJOR arts blogger from Second Life, and OpenSim, and  Wizard Gynoid is a Linden resident artist whose stunning mathematical sculptures have world class quantum theoreticians dropping by her installations  just to throw down the math geek  equivelant of “freakin a! ” Both of them know everyone who’s anyone here and in Second Life. Tweeting “Hi!” and saying”great post!” on G+ is one thing, but the reality of  hanging with the cool kids for at least 120 uninterrupted minutes began to give me serious pause. I resolved to use my standard in-over-my-head-gameplan: saunter in like I own the place, confidently greet the room, then somehow  keep my foot the hell out of my mouth  for the duration.


That’s Wizzy  up on the right, making sitting over an elephant’s scrotum look snazzy, and metaverse titan John Pathfinder Lester  casually perched on his ear.  I was counting the hairs on the elephant’s knee as a babble deterrent, when  more people started to show up. My rising panic soon dissolved into puddles of delight! Halleluja! It was raining friends- first Leighton Marjoram, then Prax and Alex Nara Malone and finally Shaun Emerald. I could safely emerge from the pachaderm bristles and go on the Safari!!

The tour destinations were awesome. First we went to Metropolis Grid’s spectacular reproduction of pre-doomsday Pompey. I hadn’t seen this ongoing community project in quite a few months…

safari_015…and was very impressed with how much bigger…

…and beautifully detailed it was!

Then we went on to cultural juggernaut Franco Grid

for Park des Artes dazzling Aids  awareness istallation on region SIDA


…everything was going beautifully, Thirza and Wizzy were charming as always, my friends were providing so much  witty  banter that it was easy for me to just  shut the hell up and fly under the radar, where it was nice and comfy and my hoof remained miles away from my facial orifaces. Then it happened.

sanctuary longshot_001
The group suddenly did a detour to the teleport hub on Sanctuary Grid. I was totally confused, I hadn’t remembered Sanctuary being on the itinerary! The last time the safari had jumped from a Sanctuary hub, it had been a debacle- they had unknowingly used the grotty old one Shaun was going to rip down at the end of the month- and so had missed  this huge spectacular VAR region: the gorgeous landscaping, the crazy experimental jump gate, the rideable sea creatures, the boats, the picnic tables and… now these most listened to people in the metaverse were HERE, just standing around. In silence.

I started to really freak out.What the should I do? Shaun was nowhere to be seen,  was he here? Had he crashed?  If the safari jumped, they would yet again miss  all my friend’s hard work. Shaun can be, well, somewhat dignified, even professorial at times- if he hadn’t been asked to, would this guy really blow his own freaking horn ? And he thought of the man who had GIVEN me 9 regions for a public museum, not getting the credit he deserved, kicked in what my Mom calls, “you and your sister’s stone crazy overbearing mother dementia that you do not get from me.”

When the going gets weird, the weird give the tour. I welcomed everyone to Sanctuary Grid and launched. Eventually I noticed Shaun had walked up and joined the group. He was listening along with the crowd, and I felt all puffed up. For all the times Shaun had bailed me out of whatever hellish situation I had landed myself in since living on Sanctuary, I had FINALLY been able to do something for him!

As people realized Shaun was there, they began asking technical questions. And as he answered, and smoothly leading the exchanges onto other themes concerning the grid and the gate hub, I realized he had put alot of thought into what he was saying. Merde. The safarians hadn’t been standing around waiting to make a gate jump, they had been waiting for a prearranged talk from the owner! I hadn’t helped Shaun- I had tourjacked him!!!

My foot siezed the opportunity and launched. Not only could I not stop talking, I actually began to refer to Sanctuary’s many wonderful amenities as “ours”. Shaun gallantly behaved as though this were all perfectly normal, and we sent the group through their gate together as they thanked us both for a good time. As they left I was of course wildly IMing Shaun   OMG I AM SO SO SORRY I DIDN’T SEE YOU AND I PANICKED AND THE MOTOR MOUTH KICKED IN OMG…. When they were all gone, he ever so kindly explained that he been there the whole time at the bottom of the hill, helping Nara Malone with something, but by the time he got to where the group was I  ” was in hostess mode”. He even said I had done a nice job. And this kindness from a person who couldn’t even see I was crying. Wow. What a great guy!

So, all warm and tingley from the tourjacking incident, I finally flew to Monte Gordo, a chirpy little beach town just down the road from Spain, nestled in the beautiful terraced orchards and whitewashed houses of the Algarve. The best summer since childhood had begun.


The weather was perfect, my son was back in strapping young man form, tackling the waves, and walking for miles in the Monte Gordo countryside finding friendly horses and goats to feed and pet, my husband was is a good mood, and perhaps most spectacularly, the government had lifted the ban on vanilla cream filled doughnuts being sold on the beach! But for me, what sent this summer over the top was the books.

I’m not complaining, I am happy with my life and my choices- but I get homesick. Not just for places, but for my culture; things that are about me. An angelina whose origins are a tiny minority  like New England French Canadians doesn’t see much of herself in Middle Europe. Over the years, Portugal has eased that. And sitting on that balcony, in the warm sweet air of my childhood, looking out over the sparkling Portuguese estuary to the hills of Spain, every cell in my body purred as I followed  French missionaries into the New Mexican desert and the winding canyons of the Navajo in Willa Cather’s   Death Comes For The Archbishop,  . I then went onto experience a magnificently detailed and sympathetic portrayal of my ancestors lives, in Miss Cather’s contraversial Shadows on The Rock. From there I lit out over my father’s childhood, in the depression era Little Canada enclaves of industrial Massachusetts, with Jack Kerouac and Dr Sax. The  summer ethno literary pagent concluded with Kerouac’s journey back to the homeland – Satori in Paris brought me right to the day we left Portugal, where it morphed into the summer of  modern literature as my husband surprised me at the airport with a copy of my main man Haruki Murakami’s long awaited (I had the release date plugged into my calender for nearly a year!) english translation of Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and his Years of Pilgramage!!

I had died and gone to lit geek Valhala!! Devouring Tsukuru during the flight,  on our first night home, I came crashing back down to reality when I realized, my kindle was powerless, and I was out of new dead tree books! No, wait a minute, there was still this one I had bought from a vendor on the beach!! Well, they were out of dougnuts, and even though I had  over 200 books in my kindle,  a penguin with a funkadelic cover and a blurb about existentialism  is hard to resist when you AREN’T in a town awash in low priced mojitos! I rummaged around the pile of straw hats and beach towels, there it was- The Book of Disquiet, a prose work by the famous Portuguese poet, Fernando Pessoa. After the first few lines, I realized the summer of literature was reaching it’s crescendo.

And in spite of all the computer issues and RL obligations, inworld was not all aggravation and crashing.

Queer citizens_015

Well I DID crash completely out of Leighton’s Masquerade ball, on the new Queer Citizens regions in Kitely. My husband said he thought I was going to cry- I hadn’t seen my friends all summer, and for ONCE I had put an effort into my outfit…

Queer citizens_001

…but the next day I found out I had one a prize for my  ensemble(all pieces by my dear friend  award winnning artist Tosha Tyran) in abstentia!! Again from someone who couldn’t see the lip wobble!!

hobo village Kitely_001

The Hobo Village on “Thinkerer Melville” Selby Evans Cookie ll regions on Kitely has exploded into activity taking,  all the Arcadia Asylum Museums on the hypergrid with it to a whole new level. As far as I can make out this is largely due to Ada Radius, a well known figure in the SL theatrical scene who collects and uses Arcadia Asylum pieces as props for her many productions. This interesting, straightforward woman has hit the hypergrid like a hobo tornado- not just going through my stuff, and bringing in missing pieces, but CATALOGING the whole shebang!!! It gets better-  at last, at last, someone who knows what the freak they are doing is bringing in and tweaking the scripts for Arcadia’s mountain of stuff!!!  I keep thinking I am going to wake up!! Follow, heck, participate in this exciting new era of the Arcadia Asylum Recovery Project by joining the G+ community, Arcadia Asylum All Around!

3rd rock on hypergrid_007_001

This was a great big what the fudge moment. I have written about 3rd Rock Grid before- it is my favorite closed commercial grid-that’s right, it is NOT on the hypergrid. Sooo, why is there suddenly a gate to it on Sanctuary?

3rd rock on hypergrid_001

The gate lead here. It looked like an incomplete version of the 3rd Rock Welcome area..

3rd rock on hypergrid_002
… there was a 3rd rock showcase board, but the landmarks it gave out didn’t go anywhere. A puzzlement. I went to the 3rd Rock main grid, which is definitly still closed, and hunted up people I knew there to find out what was going on. And the consensus was, unofficially, that the probability of 3rd Rock joining the hypergrid is growing like a blogger on a beachful of  legal doughnut vendors! I had jumped from sanctuary to   The 3rd Rock Beta Grid ,a test grid for um, things that are unofficial. I am unofficially very excited. If you would like to check 3rd Rock out, since we may be seeing alot of them soon, they are having a big Equinox festival all weekend! I am unfortunatly still too crashy to go, but tell em Christine said hi!!

sanctuary longshot_002

I had been on my way up the hill, when I got stopped in my tracks by the 3rd Rock conundrum. I was going here, to the gate that shares a hill with my regions. Why? Because all these gates lead to large collections of freebies. I was going to the last gate, Selea’s World.

This is the welcome region.


I had written about Selea before, but after seeing how much  here was new, I resolved to come regularly and keep everyone posted, because sometimes I think folks need reminding that Selea Core is  the biggest thing to happen in OpenSim since Linda Kelly. When you arrive on this white platform, you are standing on an entire grid devoted to high quality, original free content.

The grid organization is immaculate. Selea says it is because the grid is her inventory. Imagine, her actual viewer inventory is almost empty. We will now drop the subject before my aptop-lay gets ideas. Let’s visit Aqua Fantasia.


Here we are! Turn around…


…and see what I mean about the organization? All of Selea’s regions have these teleport panels. You can always find just the catagory you need…

..and when you find your item, click a panel..
….and there is more often than not a full display of your purchase! And of course, a teleport back to the platform!

Everything on Selea’s World is free of cost. Items like this marvelous house are fully scripted, and everything is full perm.


And  though it is the only region that is not 100% freebie store, Selea’a Elf Art Gallery is good for the eye…


… and the soul. I was so into the gallery that I nearly forgot!!


Selea’s is the hypergrid’s premiere stop for seasonal decorations!

Seleas_034 Seleas_039 Seleas_038

Hehe, these pictures aren’t the half of it!! The really amazing thing is, the amount of new decorations she creates every year. Selea came online as I was grabbing like a blogger on the beach who was out of money and had tackled a doughnut vendor, and confirmed that she upgrades her deco every year. I asked her why she makes only free content. She laughed and said it was too much aggravation selling private content, the stuff seemed to always wind up being ripped off or re labeled-it’s much less stressy to  just put it out there full perm!! And as having access to mountains of wonderful creations without going broke makes  all of us less stressed, making Selea Core the first Elven Zen master of the hypergrid!!! Give the lady a standing ovation!!!!

And now my dears, I must love you and leave you! Oh no just a minute, there was one more little thing. Being so busy in RL and dealing with wave after wave of computer crises kinda took it’t toll. Even thought I had managed to fix the Loli caverns, I still couldn’t really do what I wanted online. After the grand adventure of my “summer of modern literature”, life without  big virtual travels seemed a bit colorless.I got bummed. I was reading the latest Hypergrid Safari post, and feeling sorry for myself, when I got to the end and jumped out of my chair!! I ran to the laptop and fired it up- I would NOT crash for this!! THIS was my freaking destiny!!

For the Safari had finally made it to  intellectual heavyweight New Genres Grid,which is, by it’s own definition, the sophisticated metaverse.

Pessoa Tower_001

Their website sounds a bit ,um, inflated until you get there and your jaw hits the floor.

Pessoa Tower_019
The safari had ended here, on the frightingly accomplished Alpha Auer ‘s Shapeshifter region. But I wasn’t there to see this…

Pessoa Tower_013
…or this…

Pessoa Tower_016
…or even this.

Pessoa Tower_011
I was here to see this. Pessoa’s Tower.

Pessoa Tower_006
And I didn’t crash once. Endless summer.

And now my dearest dears, I must love you and leave you. I would like to thank Thirza and Wizzy, and Shaun, Prax and Alex, Leighton, Nara, Selea, Ada, Selby and of course all of YOU for following me on my small adventures. Your company means more to me than I could ever express in words. The sweetest of dreams and the brightest of days to you all! Until next time, adieu!


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vacation picture
WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT well I gave all the info in the title, didn’t I? The sweetest of dreams and the brightest of days to you all!! See you in two weeks my dearest dears:)

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makin bots_003
If you’ve  wondered where I have been …

Well, who can blame you?  My last blog post was  just shy of TWO months ago,a long time for a regular  bi weekely blogger, and an eternity on the internet. The rumors have been flying, and I would like to begin by dispelling some of the more persistent ones.

“Virtualchristine hasn’t been blogging because…”

1) “…her son is having heart problems. ” Thankfully not. My 16 year old son’s heart is functioning so perfectly  with the pacemaker, that, as I write this, he is just got back of a 2 week  backpacking trip in the Swedish wilderness! There goes my peace and quiet!

2) “…she has been abducted by aliens.” I don’t know what is lamest about this one: the idea that a civilization capable of interstellar travel would not heavily prioritize truly epic  broadband , or that a 52 year old who manages to hold down four jobs in two languages and still rabbit on for 2500 words every two weeks  for three years about the availabilty of snake  themed hairstyles and big girl Japanese footwear,  would forget to  crank out a line or two about the  actual view from  Blemankitlicintiunauroplcertaniun freakin’ Minor.

3) “…she is too busy garnering presitgious awards.” This one is just sad. ALL of the awards and honors I wrote about in my last post, were an obvious fiction intended to lull my laptop, tablet and cellphone, which had joined forces to feed me ridiculously fraudulent data in a futile attempt to curb my virtual freebie intake, a proclivity that appears to be grinding my laptop’s analytical processes down to an odd synthisis of HAL 9000 and Blanche Dubois, into a false sense of security, paving the way for my dazzlingly intricate checkmate  of the machine. As my opponent happily immersed itself  in yet another string of non linear differential equations  to determine whether Dave or Stanley was the biggest fucktard, I was able to slip out of the apartment, and disrupt our  neighborhood power grid, which includes the seat of German government and a major international airport. In the ensuing national emergency and Baggage Claim Massacres, I syphoned just  enough power off an army hospital generator and changed my Twitter password.

4) “…she is too busy canoodling with global icons.” My  intensly passionate romance, and subsiquent engagement to Star Trek’s own Leonard Nimoy  was all too real – until I made a shocking discovery. My intended  had secretly plunged to the very depths of moral and spiritual depravity, striking  a hideously Faustian deal with the greatest force of sheer evil the world has ever known. While it is still too  excruciatingly painful to go into specifics; suffice to say our 50,000 guest wedding and script writing honeymoon in the Bahamas were abruptly cancelled, as, head held high and pockets  stuffed with Gagh shaped  vegan hors d’oeuvers, I flounced off into the balmy Nassau night.

5) “…she is dead.” Never fear. I am not that easily silenced.


Hello my dearest dears! How marvelous! Here we all are again ready for another whirlwind adventure on OpenSim, the software platform that hosts hundreds of independant grids, many of which choose to be connected by an amped teleportation system called the hypergrid, which allows you to endlessly explore these brave new worlds, making  friends from all over the planet, having unforgettable experiences, and scoring enough free content  to make you dizzy! With delight, obviously. Not the kind of dizzy when you discover that the person you believed to be your soulmate was capable of  filming the new Star Trek movie you and he were to author in a state of nuptual bliss, in Marin’s-oh screw it- on SKYWALKER RANCH!!!!!! I won’t protect you  anymore Leonard!   So what if Shatner  tossed some fanboys a map; he never  set foot in  Lobotomy Central!

If you do not know how to get on OpenSim, and believe me, you are not alone, please see my “How to get on OpenSim in Six Ridiculously Easy Steps” page at the top of this blog, and don’t forget my Newbie Glossary, also at the top! C’mon it’s easy! Come spread your wings in the free metaverse!

For today’s adventure, we will start with some cool stuff and important info that happened as I was slugging away at things I will rant about later.

sanctuary shots_003
To avoid confusion I should probably point out now that both these avatars are moi; the avatar on the left is my is my older, more familiar Craft avatar, and on the right is my less familiar, more-honest- at- the -waistline Sanctuary avatar. I photographed them clog dancing, which, at the time, I thought would be less creepy then just standing there staring. Rioja was a factor. The results were mixed.

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!COOL STUFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For those of you who do not read this blog regularly (noooooo!) or follow me on G+or FaceTwit (take me Lord!) When I am not travelling, blogging,or slugging away at other stuff, I run(with a little help from my friends) the hypergid’s first Arcadia Asylum Museum, on Craft, the Friendly Grid. In this two month hiatus from the Craft museum, the World’s Most Amazing Estate Manager not only held down the fort on our two regions, he founded a  page thingyboo on G+ called OpenSim Working Radio Streams . He has assembled a genuinly diverse collection of  music for your OpenSim regions that is continually tweaked and updated. These suckers WORK!  The WMAEM is the tiniest bit obsessed with  obliterating the silent metaverse, so if you are having any trouble at all setting up music streams, radios etc, this oughta be your first stop in a very big way.

My buddy Crystal Brewton, the Indie Author Extraordinaire, has given her artist colony on Metropolis Grid, Independently Spoken, an all new look!

View of nautilus_008

For starters, every Sunday Crystal will be hanging out in the colony’s rather smart clubhouse for the…

Kaffe Klatsch_001

Kaffee Klatsch!! You can drop by at anytime for a chat, make new friends, swap techno tips and metaverse gossip- and get on Crystal’s case if she drinks too much coffee!! You HEARD what the doctor said Ladykins!!!!

OSS High Prim_002
She has also ripped up about half the colony, like Godzilla on a caffiene rampage, and  added a harbor for her yacht…

OSS High Prim_001
…which has the best virtual boat name ever. And if you look over the colony, on the far right corner you will see a new, tall, glass structure…

OSS High Prim_006

… that is Crystal’s newest project, The Africa -Dash Museum.

OSS High Prim_005

Although she is just getting started, it is already  super interesting. For example, I had no idea that civil rights martyr Medgar Evers had a ship named after him! Well done Crystal!

And now let’s hit  the OS Grid,  where all kinds of  cool stuff is happening!

craft av in Sanctuary_003

The Hypergrid Safari is a great weekly event organized by famous virtual blogger Thirza Ember, and famous metaverse artist Wizard Gynoid ! Every wednesday at noon PST a group of veterans and newbies meets at the clubhouse on  OS Grid’s Teravus Plaza, and take off on a jumpin’ tour of as many hypergrid enabled worlds as they can manage!! Sakes alive!! Eight weeks of this with hardly a casualty; well, no one anybody liked!! Let’s go inside and nose around.

craft av in Sanctuary_006

How cool is this! (Take a close look at the poster! )

craft av in Sanctuary_009
The house is chock full of freebies, landmarks and technical pointers in fun packaging.

craft av in Sanctuary_004

In fact, between Thirza and Wizzy’s technical know how and charismatic wackiness, the group has grown in leaps and bounds. They are now averaging 24 people, which is a  big crowd even on a pricey commercial grid with  mechagodzilla level servers! On a little charity run home grown grid with the server propping up grandma’s kitchen table, the coffieur vaporization and   general crash rate is pretty high, but everyone still manages to come back with great photos and stories!

craft av in Sanctuary_016
In fact, the group initially had it’s clubhouse here, on Thirza’s rather elegant Ilha Magica regions.

craft av in Sanctuary_017

I could see why they had to move to the OS Grid’s more robust homestead region. For example, this very beautiful , somewhat surreal storm is part of an art gallery…

craft av in Sanctuary_019
…and these shimmering gazebos are  well thought out teleport hubs! At the risk of being too technical, I would venture to posulate this hump of fancy ass scripts were scalping those newbies left right and center. Join/follow the Safari on Facebook and thier G+ group !!!

Still on the OS Grid for something that is very important to me personally.

craft av in Sanctuary_011
One of the first friends I made when I came to OpenSim is BACK!! Yes,pixilated hippy queen Hylee Bekker‘s Ptarmigan Park regions are back online!!

craft av in Sanctuary_010

As you can see I immediatly swung by and snapped up one of her signature toolbelts! (which can be easily adjusted to big girl sizes) Peace symbols, the greenhouse, geodesic domes…

craft av in Sanctuary_015

…and the tree house!! OMG this was my first house on the Hypergrid!!!!  Nearly all the wonderful structures, animals, you name it, that you see around Hylee’s Ptarmigan Park, are boxed up in the mall for you to take home!!! Check out the dancing and the harbor…

craft av in Sanctuary_014

…and her  wacked out Quantum Express build is set up too! Just go inside and don’t overthink it! Ptarmigan Park is a great resource for hypergrid residents, and Hylee is a FANTASTIC person to have around! We got her back!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOT!

And now to Sanctuary Grid, where I have spent most of the last two months now, for the  useful info portion of this post!!

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!USEFUL INFO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

on hill w shaun_005

Several paragraphs back, in the drunken zombie clog dancer photo, you may have noticed that A) I was in the Sanctuary Grid Welcome Center, which floats high above Shaun Emerald’s fantastically comprehensive collection of hypergates and B) there were TWO gates to the surface behind me, instead of the usual one!  That is because there are temporarily TWO hypergate hubs!! Let’s go through the gate on the right, with the green lettering!

sanctuary shots_001

Butt ugly, isn’t it? I was so upset when the Hypergrid Safari wound up here a couple of weeks ago! Sigh, they missed so much!! If you wind up here through an old landmark, or the welcome center YOU ARE ON THE OLD REGION THAT IS GOING TO BE SHUT OFF AUGUST 17!!! This place has been stripped to the bare bone, which is why it looks so sucky. So why has he left it up?

Because the new blamgate hub, called Eld2, is a variable sized region, or varregion.  In a nutshell- remember a while back, when people were messing with megaregions, land masses which were sometimes the 16x the size of a regular region, so you could have a really masive area without the hiccups of region crossing? Well, megaregions never worked that well in OpenSim, so now we have varregions, which can  also be up to 16 times the size of a regular region! They only work with the latest version of OpenSim (0.8.0) AND you have to have the LATEST version of whatever viewer you are using. If you don’t , and you try to teleport to a varregion, you will get the message “Teleport failed. Destination is a variable-sized region, and source is an old simulator. Consider upgrading”.(Shaun’s idea! He hangs with the developers, which also means that he knows what the hell he is talking about!) Because OpenSim 0.8.0 and varregions are relativly new, shaun left the older region up to give folks time to upgrade! Now let’s go visit Eld2!

sanctuary last shoot_009
This is NINE freaking region sized!! Which makes it a bear to photograph in one go, but, hey, it is lovely! Shaun went absolutly beserk on the Kitely Market buying  gorgeous mesh trees,  rocks,cliffs, winding stone paths, creatures, you name it, and he was always calling me over from my stuff to look at this or that…

saturd sanc._001

…and at one point, when he was considering mesh rehab and the place was looking like a National Geographic calendar, I said, “You know, people are gonna want to sit down here and soak this in!”

shaun and me bench_004

on hill w shaun_001

sanctuary last shoot_001
In the most dramatic change of it’s kind since Heathrow got affordable Japanese food and discount paperbacks, Shaun has turned Eld2  into a wonderful place to relax with your friends, and discuss travel plans…

sanctuary last shoot_005
…and there’s plenty to do if  they are a little late! This powerboat has eight gears!!!

sanctuary last shoot_003
Keep an eye out in the water for the results of the “creature” spending spree…

shaun kitely stash_003
There’s Nessie..

sea turtle_002
…and Myrtle…

sanctuary last shoot_006
…and this pretty baby who doesn’t have a name yet! I vote for  Charlotte!!

on hill w shaun_002
On the very top of the hill are three gates- I think he is making this into a freebie section! One is to Selea Core’s wonderful freebie grid, Selea’s World. And the other two are mine!! Man; I get all tingley just typing that!! The gate on the left is to the Craft Museum. Let’s head over there before I show you what I have been doing here on Sanctuary:))))

craft av in Sanctuary_029

Because I cannot get this  blankity blank landing point under control, you will wind up here on my mountain in Craft. Just teleport down to Slum City!

craft noticves_004

Here we are on Craft Grid, in Slum City. If you have been here before, you might remember the warehouse had boxed collections from the African Slums build.

craft noticves_002

Not any more, hehe.  Go to the boards at the far end of the warehouse to find out what the heck is goin on.

craft av in Sanctuary_022

ALL of the boxed freebies on the Craft Grid Museum are now in Sanctuary Grid Museum! The warehouse now contains a photo display of the Sanctuary Museum, a Sanctuary Museum Guide that includes descriptions and how to info. You’ll need it, even I still get lost in this sucker. There is also a box of landmarks for ALL my museums and the library.  On adjoining region…

craft av in Sanctuary_024

…in the pawnshop, all the vendors and boxes are gone! Both regions are running sooooooooo much more smoothly without this load!! There are still landmarks here to the main donors regions, and cool Arcadia themed builds all over the hypergrid!

craft av in Sanctuary_026

You can use the landmarks to get to the new museum, or, if the hypergrid is being wierd, you can go down the street, and teleport to “space”

craft av in Sanctuary_027

The Privateer Space exibit is now on the Sanctuary museum, and we have a blamgate to get there!!! The WMAEM comes through yet again!! This gate and the far right gate   on the hill in ELD2, will take you to Privateer as well.

Craft av on museum_001
NOW comes the rant! This is the landing point for the The Privateer Space region. You are now in the whopping NINE region Sanctuary Museum, which I am pretty sure is the largest Arcadia Asylum museum e-v-e-r. Privateer Space is kinda the welcome region because it is  on The Spirit of Arcadia 1, and as the WMAEM pointed out, why the heck not start at the beggining! There is my signature  home made welcome sign…

sanctuary last shoot_010

… and the big robot is leaning on the Museum guide and landmark boxes. There should be a Museum guide at every landing point, and a teleporter if that region has a system! The landmarks in the guide will take you to the best starting points to see a region, because sometimes those landing points just seem to have, at the risk of being too scientific,  undisguisedly satanic tendencies.

sanctuary last shoot_011


And now we are at the clowns in heaven part of the post. When Hylee contacted me, to say she was coming back, I asked her if she thought a mutual friend, Cornflakes Woodcock, who had also left virtual worlds, would mind if I displayed a collection of his  wonderfully insane free creations in the Privateer exhibit. And that was when she told me Cornflakes has passed away last year! I wasn’t the only one who hadn’t heard; Thirza contacted me later on, as shocked as I was, planning to write a piece about him. It was a wonderful post with tributes from friends and some great RL tidbits, search her “pings from the afterlife ” blog for Cornflakes name. Cornflakes said his aim was to make the world a sillier place, so we will not cry- we will giggle like loonies and do the funky chicken in gratitude for having had such generous, wise soul amongst us. The small sign will give you a landmark to Cornflakes region- he gave a copy to WordfromtheWise(hugs), who has kept it running as a tribute. You will also find LOTS of Cornflakes marvelous creations on the spacecube floor, and scattered all around the museum.

I thought it would be easiest if I just walked you through the regions in order, like the museum guide!

The Spirit of Arcadia 1, Privateer Space:

last shoot sanctuary_002

Take the teleporter to the space cube!

last shoot sanctuary_004


On the floor you will find some of Cornflakes bigger sculptures, and the boxes privateer collection. Yes, that is a flying chicken, and a funky one at that. Now YOU just fly straight up!

last shoot sanctuary_005


last shoot sanctuary_006
last shoot sanctuary_007
Most of the builds are very simple, doors jammed open and sit balls here and there. I have put out a LOT of pieces on display, but if you can’t find something, always feel free to drop me a line! I have also mixed periods around the museum, such as putting early hobo clothing on the later privateer robots. I always like to highlight how well her creations blend together!

The Spirit of Arcadia 2, The Abyss:

last shoot sanctuary_009
A lot of this museum is underwater. From above this region appears pretty empty, just a few ships; but below the waves…

last shoot sanctuary_008

This is one of my favorite places. There are skeletons and shipwrecks-don’t forget to walk out to the dropoff:)

The Spirit of Arcadia 3, Keep It Simple:

last shoot sanctuary_010

Named after her famous building motto, KIS has the few pirate land based, as in on a stone base and not a pier, structures.I think the showpiece is up on the hill. You can take the from the sawmill of Starbuckaneers teleporter to…

last shoot sanctuary_011

The Pirates  Rest graveyard. Isn’t Cornflakes pumpkin wizard amazing?

The Spirit of Arcadia 4, Jules Verne:

last shoot sanctuary_012

As Aley, Arcadia built enough steampunk STUFF based on the works of that 19th century father of science fiction, who is, by UNESCO’s reckoning the second most translated  author in the world,  to warrent 2 regions. This first one has a teleporter system with a sign at the landing point you need to read, before you start clicking and wind up 800 feet above the sim in a moon crater, with no clue how to get down, lost in a Crystal laberynth, trapped in an airship,or worse of all, jammed in the tail end of a submarine. Think I’m kidding?

last shoot sanctuary_013 last shoot sanctuary_014 last shoot sanctuary_015 inner nautilus_001

last shoot sanctuary_016

I got lost 5 times in this sub- it has two decks and I think ten rooms. If there is no teleporter in the room, it means you can walk through to the next one.  Sometimes the teleporters just put on this wierd mojo and  tosses you out, then works perfectly next time. It is worth the hassle as the interior is just dripping in gorgeous little detail.

The Spirit of Arcadia 5, The Sea of Aley:

This is predominantly a mer region so most of the action takes place below the surface.

photos craft 7_005
There is plenty to explore here around Mer City,

saturday last again_002

Photos for Craft 4_004

…and the teleporter at the landing point will take you up to Fort Aley, where you can look at the ships and the minefield, or behind the kelp forest to…

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Seaview Amusement Pier!!!

The Spirit of Arcadia 6, Flotsam:

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Aley’s gorgeous, lag ridden homage to the nautical outlaws of old needs your best zen head on. Wait for it to rezz, be prepared to crash! But also be prepared to be dazzled by the sumptuous detail and endless humor! Teleporters refused to work here, so don’t forget to fly up, and take a look at the fort, the beautiful Victoriana Airship(more Jules Verne) and my office, again at the top of the mountain. It has a great view of the museum!!


photos craft 6_004

This region, which is in the right of the picture, is largely a backdrop for the Hobo/Slum section of La Bodega, on the left, over the river.  The name is taken from a famous phrase Arcadia used to describe SL in the early days, when it began to lean heavily towards commercialization.In the sky is  “Babylon”a powerful poem by Word Bender, Oshi Shikigami!

photos craft 6_005
The showpiece would be the Monsanto Factory, which I am very happy to finally have out on display.  Don’t forget to inside and take a look!

The Spirit of Arcadia 8, La Bodega:

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This is the region that has ALL of the museums non space boxed  freebies. As you can see it is divided into themed sections. You have already seen Hobo/Slum so…

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There is the Individual Pieces section, which includes the non nemo pieces from the Jules Verne region, and much more!

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The Pirate section has the only teleporter. Use it to go inside the Korean Turtle Ship. If you google the names of most of Aley’s ships, you will find they are models of real historical vessels!

Saturday last I hope_004

This is the Seaview Amusement Pier section. I just love the view!

Saturday last I hope_003

The underwater section has it’s boxes smack dab in the center of what I like to think of as the “Griefer’s Pool”.

last last_001

And last but not least is the Nemo Section, which is this box. Well, don’t worry smarty pants, I will impress the bejeebers outta you in  a minute! This box contains all the subs I have (thanks Vbinnia, Falene, and Han!) Nemo’s complete underwater laboratory, submarine bay… anyway, if you want to see this stuff in action, walk down the pier, over the region crossing sign to…

The Spirit of Arcadia 9, Nemo’s Underwater Laboratory:

Saturday last I hope_005

This is the second Jules Verne themed  region. The bejeebers moment is coming. Teleport  to “tube 2”..

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Hehe, bejeebering, aren’t ya? Welcome to Nemo’s!

steamcrab_004 steamcrab_002 steamcrab_001 Saturday last I hope_006 posit sub lab_002 old illustration wrangling_002

in fish sub_004 in fish sub_002 steamcrab_005



In alot of ways, Nemo is the nicest region, because I did it last, and had more gorm.Well, if you can say gormLESS…

robo bath_002

And now my dearest dears, I must love you and leave you. Because folks keep asking me to include them, here are the hypergrid addresses to :

Sanctuary Grid-

Craft Grid-

They SAY, well the WMAEM says,  that if you put a colon, and a region name after the address, it will get you to the region. Like Gordo for the Craft Museum. These things never work for me,(satan yet again) so I would just go to Craft, and type Monte Gordo into the World Map search engine, or The Spirit on Sanctuary, and hit search. Then teleport, obviously. Booya!

Well, I used to think I appreciated how much work grid owners do, but until I was responsible for 9 regions, I had no freaking clue. I would like to thank Licu Rau and Tao Quan, the owners of Craft Grid, for all the time and effort they have put into the grid, the Craft Museum over the years. I would also like to thank the WMAEM, for helping me drag the space exhibit way the hell up, and for having MADE me to at least watch him fix our stuff over the years. I had no idea how much information I absorbed as I whined “I’m sooooo tiiiired” and “A NUMBER-I ‘m droooooooowning!”. Award winning artist Tosha Tyran gave me lots of support and advice on Sanctuary, even going so far as to accompany me to Second Life, where we promptly got ourselves booted off of it’s oldest and most prestigious sandbox. SLers get so damned touchy when you engulf them in flames. Thanks Tosha for having my back when the sandbox manager lunged. And I would like to thank Hylee, Crystal, Thirza and Wizzy for letting me rummage around in thier undie drawers.  But most of all, I would like to thank my friend Shaun Emerald, who DONATED these 9 regions to the museum, firmly quashing the “you get what you pay for” adage. He has always been quick and responsive when things got glitchy, was gallant when it was inevitably my fault, has answered all my questions on a level I could understand, and listened to my most garbled reasoning with patience and tact. He also let me name the turtle, which cements his place on my  10 Sexiest Men on the Hypergrid  list. Cornflakes is obviously 1-4 1/2. And of course, thanks to all of you, for joining me on my small adventures. Your company means more to me than I could possibly express in words. The sweetest of dreams and the brightest of days to all of my beloved readers! Until next time, adieu!

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