Hi everyone!  Virtualchristine, Cartography Queen has been purring and howling at her computer,  the SLurl  website,Word Press, Paint Program- just everything- and VOILA!  virtualchristine´s Main Grid World Map!  It may not be fancy, but this is the only map of it´s kind to my knowledge, where ALL the continents and some of the subcontinents and a big whacking part of the Western Sea are all shown. Like my Glossary, this map is a work in progress. So check back sometime. I hope it is helpful to you, I learned alot making it. For more information on the continents, please check my geography posts. For any other terms, there is my Glossary, next to this map, and my tags and catagories. I have covered most of this stuff. You can also leave a comment if you have questions.  Now c´mon everybody! Second star to the right, and straight on till morning! And don´t forget to click and  ZOOOOOOOOM!!

1. Sansara, or the Old Continent, where Second Life began. See my post.

1A. Sansara´s Snowlands, which makes it the most geographically diverse continent. Has it´s own road network.

1B,1C Islandia  South and North. Sometimes refered to as Nerevoyde.  Owned by SL real estate mogul Anshe Chung, Northern Islandia has climates ranging from tropical to polar. Southern Islandia is beach sims.

2. Heterocera Atoll. Pre- teleportation, therefore; transport crazy, masses of roads, tracks, and free vehicles continually on offer. If you are, like my son, a train geek, this is home. See my post.

3. Jeogeot, or the Korean Continent. Failed attempt to seduce South Korean consumers. Still pretty neat.  See my post.

3A. Winterfest, site of the yearly Second Life holiday season event.

4. SL tendency to have a ridiculous amount of names begins here. Satori , Maebaliena, or the Japanese Continent. See my post.

5. Old Corsica, Berlengas, and finally, Nautilus, the archipelago continent.

6. Corsica. Just Corsica. See my post.

7.Gaeta 5. The Gaeta continents are supposed be created gradually then merge into one. Gaeta 1 is to the north  no clue where 2 and 3 and 4 are.

8. The Teen Grid Main Continent. The Teen Grid was always on the Main Grid ,it just had it´s own section with separate UUIDs , and now that the idea of a separate Teen SLis out the window, we can all head on over and have a look.

8A. Teen Grid Islands and Estates. Same as the Teen Main Continent.

9.and 9. Nacera, the newest continent. There are two identical Naceras, one below the teen grid, and one and a half below Jeogeot. You can see the tip of the unfinished one on my map. The finished one is directly below it. A new concept, composed of free Linden  made housing estates for premium members, but open to the non premium public. The estates are separated by large open areas in various terrain styles. Good for cycling etc.

10. Called Gaeta 1 on some maps, an unfinished Continent on others. We will have to wait and see.

11. The Blake Sea , beloved sailing and water sport area.

12. Independent State of Caledon. Steampunk, Victorian themed developing micro nation. Great music. Bad lag.

13. Elimourn, home of the Eldren, elven refugees, who, driven from their homes by some natural disaster, built this small land, for romance, dancing and exploration.

Lotta detail, little lag. Nice and friendly, come check Elimourn out!

14. Etopia, on ETOPIA ISLAND and ETOPIA PRIME is a non profit community for sustainable living,  and  a different SL experience. There is a a ton of well presented information about and examples of green living; there is a farmers market, library, gardens, bike trails, coastline, rolling hills….  Etopia helps you enjoy all this by  gives away terrific free wearable bamboo bikes every few feet, having a free monorail and gondola ride up the one mountain, a kooky free arcade and quite a few low priced interestingly structured rentals.

Not a Skin Mall or Casino in sight! Come and enjoy Etopia!





WESTERN OCEAN- Goes much farther west, and is home to the majority of the Second Life Virtual World, which looks like a checkerboard of small, unaffiliated estates and regions. So if you feel lost in a maze of squares, zoom out and head east until you hit Sansara!


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