Isn’t is weird how you sort of blank out when you have to write something directly about yourself. Who am I? Okay, I am virtualchristine, a 51 year old Los Angeles native, probably a high school grad( they were complicated times. I actually remember when the Crips formed.) mother, daughter, wife, sister, friend, lover of literature and long walks through the city or countryside.

After a  not completely misspent youth,  I lived here and there in  Europe , winding up in Berlin 3 months before the wall came down. I have been here ever since. I have worked as a nurses aide for the elderly, as well as caring for mentally handicapped children and adults, a cleaning woman,  nanny, English tutor, classroom craft lady, street vendor, building super, organic agricultural worker…and probably a few other things I just can’t remember. Although my lack of formal education can be bothersome, I am happy and honored to have spent  most  of my life serving others. My favorite job has been the Mom gig.


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  1. Hylee Bekkers says:

    Why have I never found your blog before?!
    I love your take on OpenSim!
    It was like reading Erma Bombeck goes virtual!

    Keep up the great work!

    Hylee :)

  2. virtualchristine says:

    Hylee, thank you for the lovely compliments! I lovedreading Erma Bombeck with my mother growing up, glad it shows! I will most certainly keep writing!

  3. Glad i found our blog! I would like to promote it on my opensim related site opensimcity.org you can have a text link with summary or a 468×60 banner. If you go to osgrid you can visit my freebie mall in the pocketfiction region.

    Keep up the good work!


  4. virtualchristine says:

    Hi Marisa! Thank you so much! Your website is a great idea, I will link to you too over the next couple of days! Can´t wait to see your sim too! Sigh! Why aren´t there 124 hours in a day! Christine

  5. Hi Christine
    I found your site earlier today and I am really loving it. I love your informal friendly approach to blog writing.
    I am a veteran of some years over on Second Life as Phill Plasma but Ichabod is my first serious venture into OpenSim. Looking forward to seeing you inworld sometime.
    Best Regards

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