inworldz tuesday_029

Here I am, mid jackknife in a gigantic interactive psychadelic tower that is one of forty equally um, what are the words I’m looking for; ah yes, FREAKING WILD exhibits at the Second Annual Inworldz Elf Clan Art Festival. You have one more week to completely wear yourself out climbing towers, going down rabbit holes, persuading the Doctor to pleeeeaaase let you into the Tardis, meeting Centaurs, trekkie dragons and political Ferrets, merfolk, feen, ballerinas,knights, pricesses, fireflies, whales, a talking horse, unicorns, giant goddesses, mad hatters, goblins, angels, Wilbur Wright enjoying a steaming cup of coffee over some blue prints… oh forget it; I’ll just show you!

Hello my dearest dears! How marvelous, here we all are again ready for another whirlwind adventure on OpenSim, the software platform that hosts hundreds of independant grids, many of which are connected by an amped up teleportation system called the hypergrid, which allows you to travel from world to world, endlessly exploring, making friends and grabbing freebies with both fists until you are just dizzy!

If you do not know how to get on OpenSim, (and believe me you are not alone) please read my ” How To Get On OpenSim in Six Ridiculously Easy Steps” page at the top of this blog. And don’t forget my Newbie Glossary, also at the top !

For today’s adventure, we will be going to Inworldz, which, like many  OpenSim commercial grids, likes to have more control about who and what goes in and out of their world! So they are “closed”;  that is NOT connected to any other grid by the hypergrid sytem!  You must create an account, which is free, and log on with pretty much any standard  free viewer, or the Inworldz viewer, which is also free, then put an avatar together from the  excellent freebie stores in the welcome region.

I have already written  two posts to getting started in Inworldz . If you are not inclined to read them, there are a couple of points I think will save you some wear on your nerves:

1) The welcome area is great for free clothes etc., but there are no event posters or current cultural info. There are people with “mentor” over their names, but their job seemed to be answering technical questions from residents.Which means they ignore you. Some senior mentors appeared to see themselves as greeters who assist newbies, but it took ten days for one to ask me if I needed help.  Since no one inworld is likely to tell you, my guides give you the inz and outz of the welcome area.

2) As a grid, Inworldz is ill prepared for casual, unescorted sight seeing. The homepage has a basic event calendar, but doesn’t always give understandable (to the newcomer)locations. The landmark folders from the welcome area are an unintelligable repetitive mish mash, the world map search engine and destination guides are riddled with crippling spelling inconsistencies and if there is a logic to region naming, I haven’t found it. I  partially sort out the folders for you, and give good tips for navigating in my guides.

Okey Doke! Now we can get started! The first step in today’s journey, is our first step in any Inworldz journey- type Delphi into your world map and teleport…

Elf Clan artz festival_001

…to the Community Library at Delphi!!  Welcome to the the beating heart of the Inworldz community. Founded by RL librarians Alexina Proctor and Prax Maryjasz , the Library is an exciting, intelligent, whirl of books and steampunk and art and fantasy and storytelling…. Pour yourself a coffee and be sure to join the Library group, so you can set this place as your home location! There are plenty of other useful groups, landmarks and info, as well as posters with landmarks to the latests big cultural events, including our destination today!! So click on this sign and look in your inventory( no window pops up to offer you the landmark, so look after the first click!) Use the fourth landmark in the folder to teleport…

inworldz thursday_027

…to the festival! I know this picture is less than spectacular, but for a second you need to focus on some details without um, distractions. Firstly, in case you wound up somewhere else, you can see the correct landmark for this location highlighted in my inventory. Behind me you can see two sets of teleports, on the left to  a few individual artists, and on the right to the three main regions, collaborations, where more than one artist was involved in the build, Cirque de la Luna, which is individual artists, and the QT art sim, which isan entire region devoted to Inworldz art powerhouse Quadrapop Tree , and the mer stage, where I believe the opening party was held. The strip we are standing on is Dreamz&Visionz. I think it is the best place to start because…

inworldz thursday_029

It is more or less smack in the middle of the  forty exhibits; so yes, this is all just over  one half of the festival! As you can see, there are bridges and paths, and for my money, using them to get around is the most fun. This fantasy art  festival is too damn big for someone with a day job to cover every individual entry and artist in one sitting.  As a result   someone who knows exactly  zip about art and doesn’t really like fantasy, will be giving you a tour of the festival  highlights.  Well, it’s not like I’m charging admission, or running for office, so what do you really have to lose? We will start on this side, to the east of the Dreamz&Visionz landing area.

inworldz tuesday_024

The theme of the festival is “wishing”, and the most excellent Jeri Raja’s( founder of Dreamz&Visions and co organizer of this, and damn near every other festival on the grid) lovely, peaceful, Buddist Garden is entitled “Wishing for Serenity.”

inworldz tuesday_017

This is in region collaboration, which seems to weave in and out of Cirque de la Luna. Or maybe I was  doing the weaving; at any rate, do you see the blue mushroom to my left? They are in front of every exhibit, you use them to cast your three votes for the people’s choice awards! Now, at first I wondered ” What Doctor? ” Then I was offered a notecard that said the build is based on a Doctor Who episode, at the point where the assistant drops everything in her life( didn’t they all?) to go gallavanting through the universe with everybody’s favorite time lord. You have to click all the stuff in the park, and I am still not sure what did it but…

inworldz tuesday_019

Move fast and click on the ladder…

inworldz tuesday_021
C’mon, show your stuff and get moving!! The Doctor won’t wait forever!!

inworldz tuesday_022

Keep going! I know several people who voted for this in the people`s choice!

wishing tuesday_020

I noticed immediately and thought it was very commendable, that what were  obviously novice entries, and the entries of more experienced, including  some metaverse A list artists were all being shown together. I thought Jamie McGuire’s Tower Flower was a novice entry when I approached it on foot. The base had some cards about wishing, and all I could see were the undersides of flowers- I really thought, this is the worst thing here! After I climbed to the top I pulled out, hoping a long shot yield something; Et voila! Magnificent, isn’t it!!
Quite a few of the entries turned out to be better from the long view. But not all. Behind the Tower Flower, to the left, fashion designer’s Eleseren Grey’s Wishing Fairy is breathtaking from afar…

wishing tuesday_021
…and up close. Below…

wishing tuesday_023

…and above. The gentle, giant fairy’s body is in subtle motion, and can you see the dandilion seeds floating away?

wishing tuesday_012
A list time. Real life french painter and webmaster Ub Yifu‘s “Cloud Gate”…

wishing tuesday_011

…  was so powerful it seemed to have an odor of wet grass and night. A murder of crows flies through the gate and back again, as the hapless man is drawn in… Apparently a version of this was exhibited at SL9B, as a hommage to  director Tim Burton. Neat Ub fact- in SL his avatar is Don Quixote!

You may need to relax at some point, especially if you took a really close look at the grey man in front of the Ub’s Gate(chills). This is “……..a retreat for weary elves, fantasy critters of all sorts, biggies and tinies alike.  There are books to read…….lie on the cushions where the books hover and click on them for notecards of each story — a take home gift.  Sit in the rooftop garden and watch the fountain play in patterns.  Relax as the revolving windows on the second floor go around and around and zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.” Safe Haven is a  typically public minded  entry from librarians Prax and Alex!

inworldz tuesday_062

Cy Celina’s “Infinite Wishes” is a huge hourglass  running backwards above a small hedge maze. A very interesting  sign that it was too laggy to read properly encouraged you to experience the ancient labrynth form, then teleport to the top; unfortunatly the lag made  the maze impossible to move in,  and the teleport would not work for me, so in the end I flew up…

inworldz tuesday_071

Lag vanishes, and the tea party was lovely, but then I noticed that the flowers weren’t flowers…

inworldz tuesday_086
In my opinion Cy’s little handless clock flowers…

inworldz tuesday_082
… were the nicest surprise of the festival. I have since read the sign off a photo I made, and there is also supposed to be a universe in a teacup! Kudos Cy!

inworldz tuesday_051
Kasha Selona’s “Wishing Star” was loaded with great poseballs…

inworldz tuesday_059

.. from top to bottom. Definitly the friendliest entry!

inworldz thursday_015
I looked at Wishing for Wind by Taika Wirsing and Allod Tolweeny  from a distance all afternoon, trying to work out what the hell it was blowing so gracefully up on the hill.

inworldz thursday_018

So refreshing and unexpected!

inworldz thursday_021
I was so busy looking up, I almost missed John Mahogany’s great little Kitty Hawk build!
real tues quadrapop_003

Quadrapop’s  very spiritual entry had this  handy teleport panel. The scale was just enormous, and I am not enough of a photographer to handle it. Go see for yourself.

inworldz tuesday_038
This is the entrance to Kapi Kinder’s “Starway to Heaven”, which I found to be the most flat out fun of the festival.

inworldz tuesday_032
Just walk in and start clicking the ascending animation balls.

inworldz tuesday_027

The motion can actually makes you dizzy, and it takes a bit of effort to manuver your camera as you swoop all over this glittering psychadelic Cirque Magifique. Eventually a ball teleports you…

inworldz tuesday_041
… to the roof…

inworldz tuesday_044


.. .where you keep clicking! Keep an eye on the time, you can lose track of it in this entry. A great big virtualchristine standing ovation for Kapi Kinder!

inworldz thursday_028
Now let’s do the smaller half! On the hill directly behind the teleport panels..


This is Violetta Biziou’s “The Adventures of Roon” there is a notecard with a charming little story which will help you understand her  wildly oversized,incredibly elongated explosion of color entry.


This is the island over the clouds but under the balloon- wait a sec..


…there you go! Just read the notecard, it all pretty much makes sense!

imp. fantasy fest_024

The huge checkerboard platform on the horizon is Tadhg Muirin’s crazy fun “After Wonderland – Dark Alice” build he has been working on for a couple of years now, and enters in various shows at whatever stage of development it is in.  I had the pleasure of meeting the very charming Mad Tadder, and discussing how this build will shape up…

Tadhg Muirin: Alice in wonderland is my second fav book in the world.  (and I’ve read lots)  it’s very close to my heart.  And the concept of the sim is how Alice forgot her childhood when she grew up… but there is a happy ending for visitors on the sim… as they go thru to rediscover their inner child, they will travel up(!) a rabbit hole to a land that is back to how the original story was.  (A platform in the sky with vibrant colours and original etchings and another venue)
: yes, I put that last anim in… because I lost my mind making that house.  Now I expect I’ll lose the rest of me making the sim.
virtual christine:(the name) Mad Tadder is pretty good!
Tadhg Muirin: Thank you.  You smile me.
Tadhg Muirin: In the immortal words of Van Gogh… “I put my heart and my soul into my work, and have lost my mind in the process.”
virtual christine: And now you are taking everyone with you!
Tadhg Muirin: Yes, but I give it back when you go UP the rabbit hole to a happy place again.

imp. fantasy fest_009

Sit on everything, click on everything. Do you see that little white rabbit on the hearth?

imp. fantasy fest_011

They are scattered throughout the house, posing you in…

imp. fantasy fest_015

…various states of unease.

imp. fantasy fest_001
There are a few entrances. Once you have worked out where this one is…

imp. fantasy fest_002

Oh yeah! This club isn’t connected to the house, but does have the same  meltdown causing white rabbits scattered about, so get clicking!



Back on the Cirque De la Lune mainland, we arrive at my personal favorite, soror Nishi‘s very elegant ” Wishing Tree and Fish”


soror  is an active participant in Second Life’s  a list art scene, she makes real life jewelry and sculpts with every material you can think of, has her own gardening business, and blogs about all this with humor and style.  The lady is also  interesting to follow on Twitter.


Sigh. Ethereal.


I will wrap up this post with a fantasy build, because it is a fantasy festival, and even if the genre doesn’t wow you, this lady will. The entry is entitled,” If Wishes were Unicorns”


And like all of  Julie Hathor’s work, it may glitter and sparkle, but there are complex ideas at the core. Click the lamp to teleport.


Can you see how the unicorn is purifying the water? Is my crummy photography bringing over the spine tingling detail of every tiny thing, or the grace of the unicorn? I was up here a long time just looking…


and taking picture…


…after picture.

And now my dearest dears, I must love you and leave you!Many thanks to Elf Clan Elder and Festival Organizer  Moontan Valeeva for taking the time to chat with me. She has assuredme that after the prizes have been given out on Feb. 22, you will still have a few days to look at the exhibits, and also that the novices and pros will be judged separately, which is as nice as showing them together. Thanks also to the Mad Tadder, Alex and Prax, Julie Hathor. And thanks to all of you, for joining me in my small adventures. Your company means the world to me; the sweetest of dreams and the brightest of days to all of my beloved readers! Until next time, Adieu!





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