Here I am, at Hylee Bekkers Ptarmigen Park on the OS Grid, in front of the memorial Hylee  made for her  friend Linda Kellie.

Hello my dearest dears! Thank you for joining me today, not for another adventure on OpenSim, but to talk about a  woman who played an enormous part in making these adventures possible.    Linda Kellie,   who´s mind blowing  free distribution of her staggering inventory into every corner of  OpenSim, rendering her one of it´s most recognizable, controversial, and  admired figures , is gone for good.

I wanted to make it absolutely clear to everyone is that a real life person has not died. Linda Kellie was an AVATAR  created by a real life woman who has chosen to delete the avatar, as well as the entire blog she had under Linda Kellie name, called Basic Babble. Her incredible website,  LINDA KELLIE.COM is STILL ONLINE.  So you can keep downloading freaking tons of free treasures, which includes everything from earrings to entire themed regions.

Whether you are an OpenSim novice, or an experienced traveller, a visit to Linda´s website is an essential experience. Only when you have had a good look at the fantasy gardens, skyscrapers, tree houses, funfairs, beach resorts, welcome areas, the furniture, the clothes,   and just STUFF, do you realize the extent to which grid owners are using Linda Kellie´s creations to rock their worlds.  The ability to download fully stocked freebie malls and ski resorts at no cost whatsoever, made starting  their own grid a reality for thousands of individuals and organizations. OpenSim would probably not be giving Second Life a run for it´s money without  this woman´s breath taking generosity of spirit.

Linda Kellie was not our heroine’s first AVATAR . She had several avatar names in SL for various projects, including some freebies, but was best known as AYLA HOLT, a successful clothing retailer. Ayla was born   in May 2006, and left in October 2010 for an OpenSim commercial grid called INWORLDZ. Although she occasionally commented on SL´s decline in support and general atmosphere, she seemed to harbor no real rancour towards Linden Lab, usually referring to her years in SL with genuine fondness. Inworldz  reminded her of SL back in the day,  with a smaller, more supportive community where a retailer´s products could  actually stand out. But the whole nostalgia thing didn’t  hold our heroine´s attention for long! In October 2011 Inworldz and Ayla amicably parted ways. Ayla and her blog were deleted, leaving our heroine in a quandary-she wanted to try something different for a while. Something other than retail- but then she had all this stuff… OpenSim mover and shaker   VANISH SERAITH had started something called OPENSIM CREATIONS.COM, a website that allowed anyone to put their creations online for anyone to download for free. This was it! Our heroine created a new avatar, made her a blog called Basic Babble, uploaded all her old inventory onto a website she wasn´t using, et voila! Linda Kellie strode on stage and changed the world. In the coming year she became an icon-, and everything she said or did was immediately dissected and put  under a microscope on blogs, websites and forums, and in every grid she ever went to.

I think , that initially, our heroine enjoyed the accolades. Who wouldn´t? I giggle for days when someone says” Aren´t you that blog lady?”. In  Basic Babble , she wrote amazingly personal posts about just being a mom typing away in her pajamas. She wrote about her daughter, a mentally handicapped adult, with severe physical problems, who still lives at home; about her husband, her hero, the best dad she could ever have wanted for her children. She wrote very openly about her long battle with mental health issues, the various medications she was using,  her fear and anger and depression.  After lashing out for whatever reason, she would often apologize through her blog, calling herself toxic, sometimes castigating herself for paragraph after paragraph. Then, the next post would be brimming with an intense  passion for new friends  and their ideas, or old friends rediscovered. And for someone who was so clearly struggling,  there were those who just would not give her any quarter.

I have never seen  evidence that our heroine had any agenda, other than  a love of sharing.  People invented agendas for her, they assumed that her actions were politically motivated .  After all, OpenSim is an actual Open Source Project;  it´s extremely multicultural, well educated , often fiercely political residents  have deep roots in the OPEN SOURCE MOVEMENT, OPEN ACCESS MOVEMENT ,FREE CULTURE MOVEMENT ,HACKER SUBCULTURE … not to mention  hundreds of ex Linden Lab employees and  SL residents, who, not having   a specific ideology, simply  go  apeshit when they hear the word “commerce”.  Quite the minefield  for a mom in her pajamas. And  that is very clearly who she was. She described the atmosphere of the  2011 OS Grid as bringing out the “hippy” in her. She thought having and spending money was fun, it just wasn´t her thing at the moment. She thought the OpenSim platform should call itself “Free Life” and that, in a world where three countries are in a multi million dollar free for all over the editor of Wiki Leaks, everyone should just do what they want and not fight about what was the better way.

So what does this make our heroine? Well, not only did John Lennon think Yoko Ono could sing, he arrived at the amazing conclusion, after spending his entire adult life as one of the most recognizable people on the planet, that he didn´t need a bodyguard in New York City. I was  more left wing  and ideologically correct, okay , intolerant, back then, but when this damn fool rich white man with the simplistic world view got himself killed , I wound up downtown with hundreds of other people  from all walks of life, singing  peace songs and bawling my eyes out for hours. The surgeon who was unable to save him later said ” I never had the chance to see John Lennon´s heart while it was beating. I would have liked to. It was a good heart.”

I  think I speak for a lot of people, when I wish our heroine and her family, tranquility, peace,  fulfillment, health, and  love. And should  I ever recognize one particular good heart, I promise I won’t breathe a word to anyone. Ever.

Oh, and I have  better idea  for an OpenSim name than FreeLife. How about Imagine?

“Good bye, good bye, good bye, my love,
Its time to say good bye.
Remember me for the fun we had,
Remember me for our love.
Be proud that we loved and loved so well
Don’t listen to people who speak from hell.
Tears, yes, but lets not be too sad,
Lets hope it won’t be all that bad.

Good bye, good bye, good bye, my love.

-Yoko Ono-


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  1. Hylee Bekkers says:

    Very Well Said and Thank-You For Taking The Time to Say It.
    Linda Kellie has given us much in the past and what I would like to ask is that we all collectively take whatever positive energy we can muster whether it’s in the form of a prayer or just a happy thought and send it out to our friend with the hope that she finds what she is seeking.

  2. virtualchristine says:


  3. Very nice post,

    Despite her great generosity and diversity, Linda has had a lot of bad press recently. Lately some people have been complaining that people hold her too much of a heroine, but these people fail to see that some of us have been moved by her kindness and her story. Yes we all know it’s just an avatar that isn’t online anymore, I will not go into the reasons or if she really WANTED to leave the scene, but whatever the story behind it – we will miss seeing her around, and I think it is fitting to offer goodbye thoughts.


  4. virtualchristine says:

    Thank you very much for your kind words Jessica!

  5. Iohannes says:

    I had but one chance to talk to her on her blog. She seemed nice, though I could feel some of her pain. Maybe it’s because I had been in a similar place and know how the online mobs can be. It’s unfortunate that the mob won out.

    Linda Kellie invited me to visit her in SpotOn3d. I wish had taken up the offer before she left. I would have liked to have met her in the virtual person. Who knows? Maybe she’ll come back in one form or another. Maybe she has and is keeping to a more private and anonymous identity.

    However it be, I wish her the best.

  6. Thanks, Christine, for a moving post!

    Linda Kellie has been an amazing resource for OpenSim. But what inspires me most about her isn’t so much her generosity — though that is amazing — as her resilience. She has picked herself up, and started over, numerous times.

    I expect her to be equally courageous and resilient in the future. Selfishly, I hope that this will be in OpenSim. But you know, as long as she’s happy, that’s enough for me. She’s given enough to the community — I’d be a big douchebag to demand even more.

  7. virtualchristine says:

    Thank you Maria! You are right, Linda is an amazingly resilient person, thanks for underscoring that. It is good to hear from you again! All the best, Christine

  8. Len W. Brown says:

    One of the joys of the virtual world is the ability people are granted to learn, die and be reborn. I’ve nothing but nice thoughts regarding Linda Kellie, but believe, and hope, that she is reborn yet again somewhere working her magic and her talent in whatever ways, real or virtual, that brings her great joy. She deserves it.

  9. Gary Wheeler says:

    The website is down, taken over by apparently some months ago.

    There is a group of work that looks like LK’s work under the name Raven Dulce in InWorldz in a skybox shop. Skins, Costumes, Buildings, scripts, Clothing, all kinds of stuff. All marked “do whatever you want to with it”.

    Might be a good addition to some of the Arcadia Asylum libraries.

  10. Gary Wheeler says:

    ! Bellissima Square !, Bella (94, 159, 1083) – Moderate

    is the location of the shop i mentioned.

  11. Hi Gary,
    Thanks for the comments. Brian had the same idea about curating Linda Kellie inventory.I don’t know how it is in Inworldz, but on the hypergrid, there is an unbelievable amount of Linda Kellie content available. Probably 60% of the grids out here started with her OARS, and her malls and shops are everywhere. It was my opinion, which Brian is going along with at the moment, that it would not serve any particular need on the hypergrid to have yet another Linda Kellie collection.There are other creators, whose work does risk going the way of the west wind that I have my eye on to curate. I already have a big collection of the late Cornflakes Woodcocks very brilliant work on display in the Sanctuary Museum, for example.There is also Ruben Haan and Igor Ballyhoo, whose are still with us, but no longer involved in virtuality. But hey, if you feel strongly about this, bring it up in the G+ group. You are a man, so I can’t admit to ever being wrong, but one of the ladiesin the group might agree with you, and I would quite willingly climb through thatloophole:)) Have you heard Linda is back BTW? She is on Digiworldz, building away! See you around, Christine

  12. Gary Wheeler says:

    Well, I have always admitted when wrong… but then I could have been wrong about being wrong, too.

    Quadrapop Tree, who donates the space for the AA, mentioned to me that there was plenty of Linda Kelli stuff on the open grids. Although I heard recently that InWorldz does not consider itself an open grid. (?)

    Have plenty of irons in the fire here. The AA Main Library was moved slightly and the interior remodeled with some roads, sidewalks, trees, and a little steam train. Have some AA vehicles with physics engine scripts, and recently changed them so that anyone can drive them here, including Visitors. These include the slum bus, the pickup truck (trash not included), and a tiny version of the pickup truck.

    fwiw, built a one car flying train based on the dreamworks movie, “Tomorrowland”. It will be accessed through the museum’s Subway escalator to the station below. First phase is a one way trip from the museum to welcome island (aka IDI). Debugging is underway for the 8km trip. First 4km is straight down! The script reads a notecard listing the twists and turns and is an automatic tour, crossing over a dozen sims.

    That’s the latest.

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