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Hello my dearest,  dears! For today´s little post I wanted to talk to you about a couple of technical  points for OpenSim that are simple, but can tremendously improve your virtual life. If you are not sure what OpenSim is, or just can´t work out how to get on it,please read my easy to understand OpenSim posts, and don´t forget my Newbie Glossary at the top of this blog!


Okey doke. The first thing I wanted to weigh in on was the whole WLAN VS.LAN thing. I had been hearing for a loooong time, that a wireless connection wasn´t great for using virtual worlds. Now, my first wireless experience was with my first laptop. It was so much more powerful than my old computer, which had been connected to the internet by a physical cable(LAN!), that I just figured it was exaggerated, or one of those things you would only notice if you were serious about  building or scripting.   You hear sooooooo much tech talk, and on OpenSim, where the whole freaking planet   is messing with the  codes, programming, physics engines, and grids are hosted on everything from a home rigged server in a Newfoundland garage, to an old laptop on a kitchen table in  Mumbai, that only an idiot wouldn´t expect the ride to get bumpy.

So, when for a totally different reason, I finally went grid hopping with my laptop on a cable, I was  stunned. Even on my home world, CRAFT THE FRIENDLY GRID, which grid owners Licu Rau and Tao Quan keep running like clockwork, I noticed the ride was  smoother. But out there in the great wide metaverse- OMG! I would say that there is a fifty percent improvement in overall performance, some days even better.

So, on OpenSim, a cable connection(LAN) is, in fact, better than a wireless connection(WLAN).

There was another tidbit I had wanted to pass on, about browsers. Even with the cable connection,  you should still have two OpenSim compatible browsers installed on your computer .  My personal combination is IMPRUDENCE and PHOENIX. Phoenix is my favorite and Imprudence is my backup. What´s the difference?

Imprudence is more geared toward the builder. Every builder I meet uses it, or kokua, or Hippo or Zen, all of which I have tried and found to be Imprudence in a different form. So while it has noticably more building tools, it is also more techy in it´s layout, as the people who love it probably understand what the hell everything means  from the get go. The whole layout is not for the amateur traveller. The camera controls are less flexible than Phoenix, the landmarks are all jammed in the inventory, as are the outfits, making it all very unwieldy, it has less Windlight settings… Phoenix, on the other hand, is almost identical to the Second Life browser, which is dripping with, handy little features for the average Joe. Unfortunately,being created largely by building enthusiasts, OpenSim likes Imprudence better than Phoenix. Even with the cable, if I am having trouble teleoporting out  from grid to grid, or moving around a strange grid once I get there, if I close my Phoenix, and go back with Imprudence, 75% of the time everything will work!

Don´t be intimidated- you CAN use Imprudence, you will just have to spend a little time exploring the browser´s layout. Stuff like landmarks and camera controls have the same name, they are just in the inventory or in the something like the  World or File tab at the top of the browser. Also, if you just trot out Imprudence once in a while, you will initially have to wait a bit for everything to load.

Now get out there and have fun!

And that, my dears, concludes this little post. I hope you found it helpful. Thank you all so much for joining me in my small adventures, the sweetest of days and the brightest of dreams to you all! Until next time Adieu!








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