“… a place where the sun never sets” Craft Co Founder, Ramon 123 Babenco died of lung cancer in 2011. This is his memorial garden in AGRA.

Let’s Play:

I am tired of dreams that end too soon.
I am tired of thinking of the coming of a new day.
Now with you all
I don’t want the time to pass
I want to remain like this
together again.
There is space in my world
the sun never sets
and love never leaves us
I know a game
called love
it is inside us
and never ends.
I don’t want to be great
for me it is enough like it is
to be together

Ramon knew he was dying, and chose to spend a great deal of the time he had left with his friends here.


Time drags itself,
Like a hobo, dressed in rags, all shredded
He no longer stays near the fire
He escapes from his friends
and cries alone.
Falling tears sing
and write on the ground
that we are surrounded
by mad promises and frail hopes
Dreams are like leaves
made crazy by the wind
falling far away.
Time stops, panting,
and from its breath
is born the last fable

His memorial in the congress center, SINUS.

The Road:

The road never ends
enchantment of people
pleasure and pain.
Many people have fallen
other people go on
and many others are still to come.
I often stop to ask
why continue walking
if the time in running for me
and so, surrounded by love,
I stop to rest.

Tao Quan and Licu Rau said they would be grateful if I could help keep Ramon´s memory alive. I´m the one who´s grateful. Thank you Licu, for translating these unforgettable poems into English. Sogni d’oro Ramon.


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