Here I am blogging away in my adorable treehouse study. Everything you see, except the land, the sky,the water, and me, are freebies!

Hello my dearest dears! Welcome to my first OpenSim Freebie alert. For those of you who are new friends, Welcome! I am virtualchristine, a Second Life resident who has just discovered OpenSim, the software platform that allows hundreds and hundreds of independently operating  Grids to interconnect for us to explore. My tree house is sitting on my sim in Craft- the friendly World, about the 10th largest grid on OpenSim. Please read my last few  posts and follow a few simple steps to log on and join the fastest growing metaverse experience on the planet.

You´ll notice I said, MY sim.  I have given up my charming little Second Life 280 prim  platform, and for 2 euros  per month more, I now have a  freakin´monster 4 parcel sim with giant robot creatures battling in the sky,  a lagoon so deep I have misplaced entire whale pods, and, my beloved readers, if prim allowances were continents, I would have Pangea. I can terraform. I can set the name, rating; I have God Powers.( No really, they´re called that.)

The whole OpenSim concept can be  tricky to grasp( Not so much if you  read my posts!!!), and even when I got my head around the amount of space and prims I could get my grubby little mitts on, one thing was  still stopping me. What the heck would I DO with all that land? My building and scripting skills are pretty basic, and I really don´t have the time to do a crash course. I´m a blogger, for God´s sake! I´m a MOM! I had never seen an OpenSim Grid with things for sale, nor  do they  seem to have anything on your main search engine, which only shows SL listings! I was utterly  flummoxed.

But not so much anymore. As you can see, I ´ve made some headway on the freebie conundrum.  I´d like to share what I´ve learned with you!

One of the most important things I have learned is, that to an extent, OpenSim is one massive freebie giveaway. Some Grids have designated freebie areas, others simply let you take a copy of some to most of the stuff around you. Craft is a combination. If anything AT ALL catches your eye, see if you can take a copy. Freebie areas may have some SL style  “buy for 0L$ !” stuff, but taking a copy seems to be the general rule!

First things first, let´s go to Hydra Main Station in Craft- the Friendly Grid.

These are the teleport panels for Craft Grid locations, located in the main hall. You touch them,  open your chat history box,  click on the link and voila! you will teleport!  I cannot get this to work with my Firestorm viewer,  but if you open your world map and run a search on any Craft sim, you can get a teleport EVEN IF THE MAP IS BLANK!!! Let´s start at Agra, second row from the left, second panel from the top.
You will arrive next to this, Agra´s main square, which is lined on both sides with boxes of free stuff. Agra is SOOOO my cup of tea; beach, orchard, vineyard, freebies . Heaven. From this spot, let´s fly straight up!
Do you see the area  behind me on the far left? Let´s fly over there!
Welcome to Freeland! Scripts, furniture, vehicles, buildings ;even I haven´t really been through it all.  Now do you see the red building to my left?  Let´s head over there!
Welcome to Uptown! My buddy GeR Orsini, who showed me the ropes my first day in Craft, has put together a wonderful collection of  themed clothing and Avatars, in this visually engaging setting. BIG virtualchristine thumbs up!
Now lets fly back over Agra´s main square. Do you see the area at the top of the hill over my right shoulder? This is Ilyth Karu. a  dance club , art exhibition, restaurant type thingie. It is a combination area, where you can copy  some things, like a beautifully painted sicilian cart and various animals. Click everything! I might have missed something!

Now, where do you unpack all this stuff and have a look? From any of the places we have just been , run a search on your world map for Sandbox Wind!

You can unpack here! I have yet to see a changing room in Craft, so I just put up a small freebie house in the sandbox and changed there!
Gads, I almost forgot!!! At Hydra Station, where we started this tour, is a freebie department store with clothes avatars, buildings etc. Definitely worth a visit. Plus, along the pathway leading to the store is  a landmark folder of freebie locations!
I am getting the hang of using this great little wind powered sailboat I got at Freeland .  Next time I´ll tell you where to get whales and cupcakes and giant robots!

I will love you and leave you now, my dearest dears! Next time we will leave Craft and  do a little tour of my favorite freebie spots on several OpenSim Grids.We´ll  cover some essential Hypergating navigation tips as well. Second star to  the right and straight on till morning! The great, wide, metaverse awaits!! Until then, the sweetest of dreams and the brightest of days to you all! Adieu




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  1. Christine —

    What a great blog!

    I look forward to reading more of these posts!

    I have Hydra listed in my Hyperica directory — but the other regions are new to me. I look forward to visiting them and adding them in.

    — Maria

  2. virtualchristine says:

    Backatcha girl ! I am a big fan! Thank you for reading and the encouragment!

  3. What a charming exciting post VirtualChrtisitne :-) I am starting to think about blogging for Virtual Worlds and your post is such an encouragement. Beautiful! And thank you Maria for tweeting about it

  4. virtualchristine says:

    Thank you so much for taking the time to comment! And such kind words! Please let me know when your blog is up and running, I would love to read it. best wishes, virtualchristine

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  9. 111shawn says:

    Incredible job Chris, dont stop. :)

  10. Cobra Spiritwalker says:


    What an awesome blog! More information here than I’ve probably been able to gather in 5 years on virtual worlds…wait for it…here comes the obligatory…”lol.” I’ve recently (like 2 days ago) discovered Craft. I find myself spending more and more time there instead of the other place.

    Love your articles,

  11. Thanks so much for thelovely comment Cobra! Glad to be of help! Hope to see you on Craft sometime!

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