Welcome to my first OpenSim rental; a quarter region called Martinica, located  in Craft-the friendly Grid, on the OpenSim platform. I rented all the land behind me for 3.75 euros a week, have all the free technical advice I could ever want, and am allowed THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS OF PRIMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello my dearest dears! I am so glad you could join me today,  and yes, I am sober; and if you are not, and you think you just read the  3.75 euros a week for thousands of prims, you aren´t as hammered as you could be. I am well aware, my darlings, how hard it is for a Second Life resident to really get their heads around this. I couldn’t believe it at first either. After all, we  come from a place where, if you are very lucky, 3.75 euros a week gets you a small sky box and maybe 200 prims. We are not children ; when something is too good to be true, it usually is. SO HOW CAN THIS BE??!!!

The answer is very simple. The OpenSim project is non profit, which, as far as I know, Linden Lab has never been.  And because we are not children, we all know how violently corporations jack up prices. If you have been on Second Life for any length of time, you must have seen and heard  the stories of price hike after price hike over the years, about the elimination of discounts for non profit institutions, about dedicated, groundbreaking SL residents being unable to keep regions , even parcels and shops up and running due to the ever rising costs.

Most of these people have gone to an OpenSim Grid.

I enjoyed my ” little” rental so much, that I decided to rent..


The entire area you see behind me costs 15 euros a month . As Craft has no inworld economy, we pay  by Paypal over the Craft website. As far as I can make out, 15€ per month is an average lowish price on OpenSim. At this point the prim allowance is just nutty. Licu Rau, Craft World co founder and Techno Guru set me up with terraforming  powers and god knows what else, all the while murmuring things like “Really, that´s not a stupid question” and ” This is a common mistake, don´t worry” . He is incredibly competent, kind and patient. When I confided that I wanted to share the island with my 14 year old son, he immediately made the boy my estate manager, and started telling me about Craft´s population, which includes about three classes of grade school children . He assured me that, in Craft, sims with adult content had ban lines and restricted access . So my son, the estate manager, can wander around at will. One more thing…

…as long as you stay within your boundaries, you can go up as high as you want. Think about it. Yes, that is a giant robot spider and scorpion.

My son and I are still a bit shell shocked. We never, in our wildest dreams  imagined we would be able to participate in the virtual world in this way. And we have some pretty wild dreams. Read my posts on registering in Craft. Go to Hydra. Click edit on anything you see, you will find something created by Tao Quan or Licu Rau very quickly. IM one of these fun, smart, friendly people and take your virtual life to an incredible new level.

Craft is one grid  of hundreds  on the OpenSim platform. 99% of the public grids have some kind of rentals.

And, like Second Life back in the day, a serious amount of them offer free land. On my FIRST day in OpenSim, when I was stumbling around with no real clue where I was, I WAS OFFERRED AN ENTIRE FREE REGION!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously, this really happened! The owner of a Grid called Logicamp, which you can get to from the Hydra Main Station panels opposite the Stargate,(read my last couple of OpenSim posts).  There is no  freaking way I have the technical skills to run a region, which I told the Logicamp owner, a very polite Belgian with a shaky translation program. But I am telling all of you, my beloved readers, that if you are keen to build , register as a Logicamp resident and you will get a region to develop as you see fit. Here is a link to OpenSim Forums Free Land where grid owners with free land post. Unless you are very computer savvy, this usually involves a learning curve. NewWorld Grid, which I joined and found  to be very impersonal, offers regions that involve you hosting them in your computer. You are the server. This seems to be a fairly common practice. There are also Homesteads, very small managable pieces of land, for you to get the feel of land ownership- OpenSim Forums Homesteads here´s the link. Good luck. I am sticking with Licu.

Remember, OpenSim is like the American West 100 years ago, without the  whole genocide thing obviously. Although OpenSim´s growth rate far outstrips Linden Lab, my understanding is that most worlds are seriously underpopulated. They need  residents. They need us. There is no catch.

One more thing.

Everything on this island was a freebie. The pier,trees,  seagulls,rocks, boats,whales, my clothes,working hot air balloon..


giant robot monsters, toy trains that move, steampunk cinemas….- OpenSim is dripping with amazing freebiees ! I will tell you where to get everything from spaceships to cupcakes in my next post.

And that is all for now my beloved readers. I hope this post is of some small use. Thank you all so much for joining me. I am going to bed now, the sweetest of dreams and the brightest of days to you all! Adieu!

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