Hello again my dearest dears! As I mentioned  a couple of posts ago, solving some technical trouble with my Second Life  rental resulted in my winding up in OpenSim, the other massive virtual presence on the world wide  web that I had  heard about for years, but always  seemed too complicated to use. I am a regular visitor now, and would encourage my beloved readers to join me. It is free, and the only new technology you need is a Phoenix Firestorm Browser, which you can quickly and easily download HERE :PHOENIX FIRESTORM VIEWER DOWNLOAD.  Do yourself a favor and don´t read the rest of the Phoenix website – it is full of tutorials and seminars and workshops  that  scared the hell out of me. But to my  delight, although it definitely offers additional options in terms of building and storage, Firestorm was virtually identical to my SL browser in every respect. One little difference that piqued my curiosity was on the login page. From left to right at the bottom of the page it has boxes for User Name, Password, the Log In button, the Default Settings, the Start at box, and last of all, a Log onto Grid box. When I clicked on the last button a list came up 11 names, two of which were Second Life, and Second Life Beta.  This is where your journey begins. Click on Craft- the Friendly World, then click Log In.(Here is the link for the Craft homepage CRAFT WORLD.ORG if you want a peek at some of the sights, you can also create an account there under CREA UN AVATAR. Craft is Italian! ) You will be asked if you want to create an account. Create one, it is a simple six line form, that will immediatly result in an email to confirm your resistration. Open the email, click the confirmation link, then log into Craft-the Friendly World with your new user name and password; AND don´t forget to type HYDRA in the Start at box under <type region name>!!!!!!   If it doesn´t work the first time, wait a minute and keep trying.

Welcome to the Hydra Main Station in HYDRA!! You are now on an OpenSim Grid as a resident of Craft!! Welcome to the great wide metaverse!

Now, you are not going to look like this! You have nothing in your inventory and are consequently a white oval . Go into your inventory and look under Body Parts. There will be one file called Cloud Fix. Inside are eyes hair skin and shape. Right click, then left click wear items. Now you will look like this.

At least you can see yourself! You can see the cloud fix file in my body parts. You can stand there, left click your avatar and start editing  your shape and clothes (the red skin). Or making new ones. Just like SL.Or you can go to my left and get a free male or female boxed avatar! Or you can fly your shiny red butt out the door behind you..
Do you see that big building at the end of the pathway? That is the Craft Store, a freebie department store! Huzzah!

Useful Tip! Fly slowly on an OpenSim Grid. Slowly and lightly tap your forward control, give things time to rez. Sometimes it takes a couple of tries to get somewhere. Remember you are on a small privatly run grid, so the ride is quirkier.

To the Left are womens avatars, clothing, accessories, and body parts etc; to the right are men´s things. Directly behind the big Craft Store sign are houses, vehicles and assorted odds and ends. Like most things on an Opensim grid, you click Take Copy, not Buy.

Useful Tip! If something catches your eye on an OpenSim Grid, see if you can take a copy. Not everything has a “freebie” sign hanging over it!

Now let´s fly back to the main station. Have a good look around, the station is littered with boxes of Craft landmarks and other useful stuff.  The wall behind me are Craft Grid destinations. You  click on the pictures , open your History chat window and click the link that  and teleport.

Useful Tip! Sometimes your world map doesn´t load properly and show any land,  just the little yellow dot that indicates where you are. You can still run a successful search and teleport to a nearby destination.

Another Useful Tip! UPTOWN ( the picture above my head) is a delightful  freebie area with much more interesting and tasteful women´s clothes than the Craft Store, like Kimonos and opulent historical gowns. Low to zero Barbie doll factor. Big virtualchristine thumbs up!

Through this doorway you see a long panel of picture on my right. These are teleporters to other nearby grids. To my left is the Stargate looking thing, which is a Hypergate.

Before you sart using the Grid  panel, make sure you set Hydra as your home, or at least landmark it!

Simply left click Touch on any panel that catches your interest. I have touched the Wright Plaza OSgrid panel in the bottom left corner. Your world map will open and find the teleport location, and a prompt will appear in the bottom left corner of your browser telling you when to go. Click the Teleport button on your world map, and you are off!

Useful Tip! In your travels, if you see any standing doorways, archways,or spheres that may or may not  have a slightly fuzzy appearence inside, DON`T WALK THROUGH THEM YET!!! They are probably hypergates, and you will wind up getting so lost you will have to log out to get anywhere familiar again.

This  very cool looking Hypergate requires a small post of it´s own! It is easy enough to use, but the concept behind it requires a bit of explaination, or you will get very lost and frankly, pissed off. Oh, and if you are a fan of the Stargate series in any form, you´re slightly ahead of the game!

I will wind up this post now with some FAQs.

Q. I don´t understand, am I on OpenSim or Craft?

A. Both. Craft is a Grid on the OpenSim system.

Q. Do I have to log on by registering on Craft, can´t I log in on one of the other grids?

A. Sure you can. But I had a look at some of the other grids and in my opinion Craft has the best  amenities for the newbie OpenSim traveller. The people who run craft are also mega friendly; you will see the names GeR Orsini, Tao Quan and Licu Rau all over the place .They run Craft. Within 30 seconds of my first arrival, I met GeR, who showed me where the Craft Store was and all the other ropes of the Hydra station. Tao and Licu introduced themselves a day later. Tao is fluent in English and German, Licu and Ger have good translation programs. All three will take alot of time to answer your questions. They don´t try to sell you anything or break out the orgy invitations; but like all Opensim grids, Craft is seriously underpopulated. They need RESIDENTS, especially builders and artists!!!   And bloggers, obviously. I went skiing with these people for god´s sake; when was the last time you went skiing with Philip Linden?

Q. Can I log in with my Second Life account?

A. NO! Logging into OpenSim with your Second Life Main Grid or Beta registration is not an option. Yet.

Q. Can I get my SL inventory into Craft?

A. That is a very good question. Theoretically you can get stuff you have created in SL into any Opensim Grid with the Phoenix Firestorm browser by exporting the item and it´s textures into your computers hard drive, then uploading it again.When I crack this, I will tell you. For material you have not created, you need to have transfer permission, and even then the buzz on the web is that it is bad behavior and possibly  illegal to take other peoples creations out of SL without thier consent. But I see alot of SL stuff around. I will keep you updated on this subject. Personally, I plan to ask Zooby Pets in Second life if they can fix Juju so I can take him into Opensim. I am willing to pay alot for this. I miss my snake.

And now my dearest dears, we are at the end of virtualchristine´s FIRST OpenSim post! If you are still a bit foggy on the whole thing, my next post will explain more fully, yet very clearly and simply ,about Grids, Hypergates and OpenSim. It is really not all that complicated! If I can gate around the Metaverse, so can you- and I will also tell you where to get FREE LAND!!!!!!!!! Until then my beloved readers, Adieu!





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  1. Arya Paul says:

    Enlightening entry! Do please keep us posted in regard to your Zooby request. You’re not the only one who misses her critter(s). :)
    Thank you for a great & helpful blog!

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