Hello again my dearest dears! Here we all are again for another massively useful combo post! This post is going to deal with some basic building tips I picked up during my Second Life summer beach reading marathon, specifically creating your world: the official guide to content creation in second life by Aimee Weber , the founder  and CEO of Aimee Weber Studio, one of the largest content creation companies in SL whose client list includes Warner Music, NBC and the United Nations; Kimberly Rufer-Bach, owner  of The Magicians, one of the oldest content creation companies in SL, whose clients include The University of California Davis Medical Center, the British Council, and NASA; and Richard Platel,  an SL resident, scripter, and professional software developer since nearly day one, he organized the very first group build and community of Lindenberg. Impressive!

One or two details my beloved readers;  I am not going to tell you where to find freebies here. I AM going to tell you how to get ALOT more out of them. I am also not going to tell you how to do any scripting. But I will give you one crucial piece of information you will need for the next scripting post. You cannot script anything  larger than one prim without knowing this. If there are any terms you don´t understand, please look in my SL Glossary page at the top of this blog! And PLEASE DON`T START RIPPING APART FREEBIES BEFORE YOU FINISH THIS POST!!! Now let´s get started!

So here we are at Kunikas Beautiful Grassy Waterfront Region in ZUMANIS, whose lack of people and lag make it my favorite sandbox on the main grid. For our building demonstration I have created all the basic  prim shapes: right click BUILD at the top of the browser, then select BUILD from the menu. Highlight a shape by right clocking it, then right click the WAND at the top of the window! Now move your cursor off the BUILD window, you will see it is a little wand. Right click somewhere on the ground , and  a prim will appear in the highlighted shape! The five rectangles with the wand, hand etc, are at the top of the edit window as well, if you click the wand, the build window  with the various shapes  will appear.

Now we have a bunch of prims. They are all still individual units until they are LINKED! This is how!

Step 1: click right click any prim and select EDIT. You will notice in the window where I have circled in red that UNLINK is highlighted, while LINK is still dark. We are going to change that. Press SHIFT on your keyboard. It is the key with the arrow pointing upward. While holding shift down all the while, move your cursor to another prim and right click!
See! LINK is now lit up like a christmas tree, and your object is now two prims! Remember, at this point you have only selected these two prims to be linked!  They will not be linked permanently until you right click the LINK button! If you don´t manage this the first time, don´t worry! This is a practice makes perfect kind of thing. Let´s select  the rest of the prims to be linked!
Now all thirteen objects have been selected! Stop holding down shift, and press LINK!
TA DA!!! We have created a thirteen prim object! Notice that LINK is n´t lit anymore. If you want your objects to be individual pieces again, press UNLINK! And now for something important! Notice how one of the prims is yellow. That, my dears, is the ROOT PRIM. It is always the last prim selected when you link, and it is where scripts are commonly located in multi prim objects.

If you are going to start messing with ready made scripts, you will notice that a great many of their instructions tell you to put the script in the objects root prim.If they don´t actually tell you, I would bet they are just assuming you know that already. I had a little dinosaur I wanted to put in my water garden before I knew about the root prim thing. He had these  moving, blinking eyes, and was 75 prims. I had permission to modify, so I took him apart, deleting about 60 body parts I didn´t need. When reassembled and linked him back together, he was only 17 prims and he looked great, but his eyes no longer moved. I had no idea what had happened. I had probably deleted the root prim, or created a different one by selecting it last to be linked!

Now let´s continue! Unlinking and then re- linking an object can be tricky. You may never get the positioning right again,especially if you didn´t create it in the first place, or you may accidentally delete a piece. There is a simpler way to move individial prims around- EDIT LINKED! Check this out.

First check the EDIT LINK box, which I have circled in red. The blue and yellow highlights will disappear from your object. Right click the prim you want to edit. you can move it rotate it change it´s size or color, pretty much anything except delete it . we have moved the lampshade shaped prim away from the round root prim. Now right click the checked EDIT PRIM box.
See! The EDIT LINKED box is unchecked, you have one thirteen prim object again with the lampshade prim in its new position.

Now let´s fix a freebie! Remember, you can only do this if you have permission to modify. Right click the GENERAL tab on the EDIT window. It tells you if you can modify the object at the bottom of the page!

This rocking chair rocks, looks good,and is only 3 prims; but the pillow is badly positioned, as am I!
Lets right click EDIT LINK then rotate and move the pillow !
Just to bring the root prim thing home, I have lifted the seat cushion, which you can clearly see is the root prim. I will now unclick EDIT LINKED, and select SIT DOWN on the wooden part of the chair, not the cushion.
See where I wind up? The script that poses my avatar is in the cushion, which is the root prim! Now lets put the cushion down and  try out the rocking chair with the repositioned cushion.
That is looking much better! Now some of my regular readers may recognize my furniture in this picture, but not the building. I am still in my Blue Heaven, my  Sky Platform at Pepita Rentals, but the building is a result of my linking and unlinking skills.
Welcome to my new home! I blogged about this freebie boat a  while back. I got it from a shop that unfortunatly no longer exists, and I wrote about it because even though it was 108 prims and really big and sort of useless, it was also romantic and beautiful, and maybe one day I could use it. Now that I understand how to take stuff apart, when I wanted a new house, I suddenly remembered this boat!

Unlinking a honking big 108 prim object is daunting. The first thing I noticed, to my relief, is that the cloth in the sails and little tent at the front , as well as the ropes,  continued to sway gracefully in the digital wind. Their movement is a result of their physical settings, such as gravity, flexibility and softness, not a script.

The beautiful wood grain and details, such as the leaves on the deck and the carvings, were also not the result of scripting.I think it was supposed to be a ghost ship or something, there were some of rusty attatchments, as well as some beaten up furtiture in the house, which I deleted.
The tent at the front was a dirty looking grey, and underneath there was a busted up table and torn carpet. I changed the tent color and got rid of the ghost junk!!
Even though I was able to get rid of about thirty prims by carefully clicking every last detail, and deleting what I found surpurfluous, I still wound up asking my landlord for more prims. The boat is so lovely I keep wanting to add this and that- I even got this new fireplace from DENCH DESIGNS! As usual, the folks at Pepita were very obliging.
And now my dearest dears, I will love you and leave you! I hope being able to properly rip up objects will open as many new avenues in your Second Life as it has in mine. Thank you all so very much for joining me, Until next time,my beloved readers the best of dreams and brightestof days . Adieu!
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